Best New Year's Eve party at home

6 Tips for the Best New Year’s Eve Party at Home

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Let us be real, the pressure to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends or family is no joke. Not to mention the booked out cafes, restaurants, and bars, even the traffic during these times can kill off the celebratory mood in welcoming the new year. Instead of going for the usual ‘hey let’s go to the Dataran Merdeka and see fireworks!’ or elbowing strangers at the crowded bars, why not consider an at-home New Year’s Eve party? It is cosy, cost-efficient, and convenient too! No matter where you live, whether you would want to host a karaoke dinner party or just the casual pajama-party-and-Netflix kind of gathering, we have round up 6 tips for the best New Year’s Eve party at home so that you and your guests can have a splendid time welcoming the new year!



Set up an attractive theme

What’s a party without a theme? They say the way you spend New Year’s Eve will dictate how you will spend the entire coming year. Doesn’t matter if you believe in the philosophy or not, it’s time for you as a host to do some research and setting up an attractive theme for the best New Year’s Eve party at home. You can go as crazy or as playful as you want, it is to welcome the new year after all. Get creative fellow hosts and send those pretty invitations asap!



Provide a splendid ambiance

Setting up an attractive theme is important, but the party’s ambiance is equally important as well. You can designate some spaces and setting up the mood with dim lighting, play a custom playlist with your guests’ favourite songs on and light up some scented candles for everyone to feel comfortable. To achieve the best New Year’s Eve party at home, make room for designated drink stations, appetisers, and other relevant spaces as well.



Instagram-worthy corner!

Set up your best New Year’s Eve party at home and do it for the ’gram! Get creative and use some corners of your living room and turn it into an Instagram corner for group pictures or selfies. You can also buy some disposable cameras or Polaroid cameras to make it even more interesting. Decoration examples include putting up some colourful balloons (giant balloons that spell out 2019/2020 please!), hang your favourite fairy lights, disco balls and don’t forget silly props!



Prepare a simple quirky menu

The last thing that you as a host wants is messing up your kitchen and pressuring yourself to prepare a fancy full course meal for your guests. Forget fancy dinner, save your energy and prepare some simple quirky menu like those recipes you have saved via Tasty instead. You can even ask your guests to bring along their favourite foods and drinks too!



Must have games and activities

The best New Year’s Eve party at home would not be complete without games and activities. Your party will eventually flows naturally, but take some time and research some fun party games that everyone can enjoy just in case if the ambiance started to get a little bit boring. Here are some fun game ideas for you to explore.



Enjoy your best New Year’s Eve party at home!

It may not be much but the thought of wanting to gather with your close ones during special occasions like such is what makes the best New Year’s Eve party at home. Sure you can go to the Dataran Merdeka or KLCC to watch the fireworks and do the countdown together with the crowd. It’s the company that matters most, aside from scrumptious meals and desserts and fun activities of course!


What’s your New Year’s Eve plan to welcome the year of 2020? Share with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit to unveil your next job opportunities!

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