28 Websites to Use For Any Occasion

28 Websites to Use For Any Occasion

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Can you imagine living a life where there is no Internet access, no email, instant messaging, web search engines and online shopping or even gaming? Now anything can be done or accessible through the Internet. While some of the most prominent tools such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn will always be utilised daily, there are some incredibly unique sites which are not entirely well-known as they should be. Here is a list of useful websites on the Internet that may prove its usefulness whether to increase your productivity or to help you for any occasion when needed.

1.  listentoyoutube.online – download any video on Youtube as an mp3 file.

2. tineye.com – reverse image search engine.

3. oldversion.com – reverting back to the last update of your software, in case the update is not working properly.

4. simplynoise.com – white noise to drown out everything around you.

5. rainymood.com – the sound of rain and thunderstorms to drown out the noise.

6. wobzip.org – unzip your compressed files online.

7. seatguru.com – get advice from this site before choosing a seat for your upcoming flight.

8. doesthedogdie.com – one of the most significant movie questions now answered whether does the pet dog die or get injured in the movie.

9. justinguitar.com – learn how to play guitar the easy way.

10. accountkiller.com – guides you on how to close your social media account forever instead of disabling them.

11. stripcreator.com – a great tool to make your own comic strips.

12. rasterbator.net – create your own printable multi-page posters from any image.

13. gifprint.com – turn your animated gif into a printable flip book.

14. myfridgefood.com – key in all the food in your fridge and discover what you can make with it.

15. freerice.com – a non-profit site where you get to answer questions, in return 10 grains of rice gets donated through the world food programme to help end hunger.

16. usefulinterweb.com – a platform to discover useful and educational links that are updated on a daily basis.

17. khanacademy.org – video lectures on just any subject that you can find.

18. http://classicshorts.com/ -a platform for readers to discover and read short stories.

19. https://factsie.com/ – a place for interesting and unusual historical and scientific facts.

20. https://www.printfriendly.com/ – make any webpage print friendly.

21. https://www.printwhatyoulike.com/ – print precisely what you want from any webpage.

22. spreeder.com – learn how to improve your reading speed and comprehension.

23. https://www.woorank.com/ – find out what your website is lacking, how you can improve and how to make Google recognise it better.

24. https://www.homestyler.com/int/ – design your dream house.

25. https://wetransfer.com/ – send large files without any restrictions.

26. https://sleepyti.me/ – plan out your sleep schedule better.

27. http://swole.me/ – plan out your meals better.

28. https://en.writecheck.com/ – correct grammar and check for plagiarism.


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