5 Trends That Will Shape HR in 2020

5 Trends That Will Shape HR in 2020

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Over 83 percent of business owners claim that finding and hiring top talent in their industry is a challenge. Modern employees have a number of choices when it comes to where they can work. Attracting modern job seekers will require you to update your human resources department. Using outdated methods involving applicant tracking and employee onboarding can lead to lots of problems over time.

The best way to figure out what needs to be done to improve your HR department is to keep up with the latest trends. The following are just some of the trends that will shape HR in the coming year.


1. A Focus on Building Remote Workforces

Are you currently struggling to attract younger employee candidates? As the Baby Boomers start to retire, more and more companies are clamouring to feel the vacancies these departures leave behind. Attracting candidates in a younger demographic will require you to embrace the power of remote workers. Most younger job seekers want flexibility from the companies they apply with. This is why investing in technology that makes remote work possible is important.

Once you have a cloud-based server in place, you can expand the possibilities of what your HR department can do. Not only will the cloud help you send files and data to remote workers, but you can also use it to power your payroll system. If you want to learn more about these modernized payroll solutions, be sure to visit the HR Payroll Systems website.


2. Better Employee Experiences

In the past, business owners were only concerned with how much work they could get out of their employees. Productivity is important to the overall success of your business, but it should not be the only thing you are concerned with. If your employees are not happy and well, they will not be able to give you their all while on the clock.

This is why many modern companies are starting to focus on wellness and providing employees with great work experience. Things like onsite gyms and customized ongoing training programs are becoming the standard for progressive businesses around the world. Embracing the employee wellness trend will not only benefit you, but it will also help your team out greatly.


3. People Analytics are on the Rise

For years, companies have used big data to help chart a course for success. Using the same data first approach in your HR department can be beneficial. Many companies are starting to use people analytics to gain valuable insights into their employees and what motivates them.

These analytics can also be used to optimize the recruitment process. Instead of running from the power of data analytics, it is time to gather this information and use it to your advantage.


4. Employer Branding is Important

Attracting the top talent in your industry is harder than you think. When trying to accomplish this goal, you need to work hard to inform potential applicants about your company culture and the values your organisation holds dear.

Creating a great employer brand is crucial if you want to get the right employees hired. The best way to accomplish the goal of building a great employer brand is by filling your website and the Internet with content about your business. This content should include things like videos and blogs. Making it easy for job applicants to find information about your business is a must when trying to attract top talent.


5. Make Hiring Easier With an Applicant Tracking System

If you are tired of going through hundreds of resumes to find the right employees, then using an applicant tracking system is a good idea. These programs allow you to put in certain keywords, qualifications and experience that you are looking for. Once this system has this information, it will start to sort through the resumes and applications you have received. This means you will be able to get a handful of resumes to look through, which shortens and improves the hiring process.


It Is Time to Embrace These HR Trends

Now that you know more about the HR trends of 2020, it is time to figure out which ones work for your organization. Implementing new technology is never easy, but it is worth the work you invest in. 


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