The 10 Best Malaysian Youtube Channels for Learning How to Cook

The 10 Best Malaysian Youtube Channels for Learning How to Cook

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Are you left scratching your head over figuring out what to eat or you’re looking for ideas on how to make a simple meal with what ingredients you have? Guess what, here is your chance to pick up some new cooking ideas from some of the top popular cooking channels on Youtube from Malaysians.


1. Kathrine Kwa

Before starting up as an online Baking Guru on Youtube, Kathrine began her journey by sharing recipes in the form of “step by step” pictures on her Facebook page “Kathrine Kwa Baking Tutorial.” With 30 years of experience in making Malaysian dessert and Chinese-Western baking methods, you can find all your favourite recipes, baking tips, how to’s, tutorial videos on her channel.


2. Buat Orang Lapo

If you want to cook local Malay cuisines, then look no further. Buat Orang Lapo mainly features Malay dishes, desserts, snacks as well as other cuisines. This channel delivers new recipes 3 times every week.


3. iCookAsia

iCook Asia is the first online video recipe channel in Malaysia. Formerly known as TryMasak, in this channel, you can find more than 2,000 videos of recipes from Malaysia and other Asian countries created by various chefs of different backgrounds.


4. Che Nom

For its love of food and sharing, Che Nom has become one of Malaysia’s leading cooking Youtube channels featuring famous Malaysian and Asian recipes. The channel showcases just how straightforward it is to recreate your favourite dishes you mostly eat in restaurants. 


5. Nyonya Cooking

Learn how to make local recipes like authentic Nyonya cuisines and many more when you tune in to Nyonya Cooking, a Youtube recipe channel featuring your all-time favourite Malaysian dishes. With over 100 videos to choose from you’ll be an expert of these cuisines in a day!


6. Seminit Resepi

If you are all about making simple meals daily with loved ones, Seminit Resepi got you covered. By using video recipes, the channels provide viewers with a glimpse of how easy it is to cook delicious meals like homemade meatballs and ikan captain tempoyak.


7. Limau Nipis

Whether you’re crying for some local desserts such as caramel pudding cake or mango sago dessert, Limau Nipis channel has a whole library of interesting recipes that will keep your day busy and stomachs full. You can also find Malay and English versions for all recipes in this channel.


8. Little Duck’s Kitchen

Craving for desserts? Then you’ll love Little Duck’s Kitchen. Whether you’re watching the videos for recipes and tips on making desserts, the wonders of joy seeing your favourite desserts made from scratch will have you glued on to your screens from start till the end.


9. Cooking Ah Pa

There’s something special about dad’s cooking that no outside restaurant can ever beat, a taste of home and this where Cooking Ah Pa does best. Showing you how to make simple, home-style dishes that most Malaysians would enjoy at the dining table.


10. Azie Kitchen

Azie Kitchen serves up an assortment of classic and traditional Malay dishes on her Youtube channel. She shares her day-to-day dishes on her channel, so if you would like to learn to make yummy dishes daily, this is the channel to go to!


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