15 Signs That You Are A Control Freak

15 Signs That You Are A Control Freak

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Do you think that producing or delivering the finest work makes you the best person? Well, think again because if you are always thinking about perfecting anything that you do, well you are considered a control freak. But if you are still not sure if you’re a control freak, these 15 signs will pretty much indicate that you truly are.

1.You easily get angered if your partner or a friend decides without listening to your advice or suggestion first.

2.Control freaks dislike delegating and would prefer to work overtime instead of sharing the workload with someone.

3.You are eager to pick up other people’s flaws that do not involve you with decision making. It helps you realise your own value, and makes other people around you realise how important you really are in their lives or plans.

4.You feel easily hurt and frustrated if someone does not take up your offer or help.

5. You prefer to make decisions for others because you always think they can’t make the right decisions without your assistance.

6. You don’t like things when people around you keep secrets, especially your loved ones. You go out of your way to get the truth, even if it means doing something unethical and wrong.

7. You expect high standards from everyone, even if they are not able to achieve the high standards you establish for them.

8. You set unreasonably high standards for yourself, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. 

9. There is no pleasing you, and you will always find a reason to complain. If the work is done by another person, you think it’s shoddy. If it isn’t completed yet, you get angry because it hasn’t been done.

10. You desire to be a perfectionist in everything you do, and secretly feel threatened by anyone who may be better than you in your area.

11. You cannot take criticism, and you only pretend like you can take it.

12. You get frustrated when someone doesn’t understand you or doesn’t get you that you’re only trying to help out.

13. You are a workaholic and you enjoy it. It helps you realise just how dependable you are and just how much other people need your help.

14. You believe that everything can be achieved to perfection only with your involvement.

15. You sincerely believe that people around you are not capable enough of doing something on their own and require your constant assistance and guidance to do get things done.


Being a control freak has its own merits, but when it starts to affect your life and the people you care, you know you have cross the boundaries into the worst side, don’t you? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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