18 Work Life Lesson To Being Better With People at Your Workplace

18 Work Life Lesson To Being Better With People at Your Workplace

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Your career path has likely been a challenging journey, a path that is perhaps filled with various obstacles. That’s all the more reason that you should search for as much positive aspiration and motivation that you can hold with your hands. Sometimes it can be hard to find people to get inspired, but if you are looking for life lessons here are 18 of those things that you should learn as you travel through the working life.

  1. Life is fluid and flexible. Start acting more confident, the people around you will accept that better version of you. Gradually, that becomes your new normal.
  2. Be cautious of people in your work life who make toxic or bad remarks as you try to improve.
  3. Instead of embracing the advice “be yourself”. Learn to improve and be your best self. Improving your people’s skill does not mean you are faking it.
  4. Confidence comes from competence. Every person in this world has at least one thing that they excel at. Always remember that one thing before being social can make you feel more confident in the workplace.
  5. Sometimes it’s better to have a hard discussion sooner rather than later. Try using “I” statements instead of “You” statements.
  6. Once you start arguing, you have lost. Take the time to listen and try to understand the other person’s perspective as best as you can, chances are you might be able to avoid the argument entirely.
  7. If people don’t message you back. It’s better to assume the best instead of the worst outcome. Perhaps they are not interested or they are just busy.
  8. Talking about your hobbies and things that get you excited in life can make the conversation much easier. If you don’t have either, now is the time to find and do something to enrich your life.
  9. Sometimes saying “No” and crafting boundaries can be important in the workplace. People around you will treat you however you let them be. It’s hard to determine if people are crossing over boundaries if you are not exactly sure what those boundaries are.
  10. Always build up a summary/story of what you did on the weekend. People tend to ask how things are going in your life, so it is always nice to have something ready to say.
  11. Be proactive. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Reach out to people first. Introduce yourself and own up to the engagement.
  12. Learn how to be an interesting person by picking up a wide range of interests. You don’t have to be an expert in every topic, just know a little bit about everything so you can initiate a wide range of topics and conversations.
  13. If you notice that the other person is following your body language, that’s a positive indicator that both of you are in rapport and connecting.
  14. Try not to accidentally interrupt a conversation. If you stumble through, just say what you need to and ensure that you can get the conversation back on track, this a great way of showing that you were listening.
  15. When it comes to small talk, try to avoid “interrogation trap”. Always balance questions with observations.
  16. Small talk is always necessary as it helps you advance from lighter topics to deeper topics so that you can build rapport.
  17. Learn how to make a “resting happy face.” Having a slight smile on your face especially on a networking event can make you happier as well as establishing better interactions.
  18. In every conversation, always push in a bit more energy, it will make you feel more social and easier to have a great time especially at work meetings.


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