How to Organize your Home Office: Guide for Remote Workers

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The COVID-19 crisis has forced people to start working from home. 

Remote working may sound glamorous but contrary to popular perception, remote workers cannot just jump out of their bed and start working in their pyjamas! 

Remote working requires a lot of focus and self-discipline. Keeping the home office organized is the first step towards staying productive and focused during your work hours. 

Remember the phrase “ tidy office, tidy mind”? The phrase holds for your home office too. It’s important to declutter and clear that mess if you want to stay productive while working from home. 

Here are four simple steps to organize your home office. 


1. Set up a designated workspace

You don’t sleep in your kitchen, do you? Neither, do you eat in your bedroom.

So, why should you work from your bed or couch

The first and foremost rule for remote workers is to have a designated workspace at home. An allocated space where you can concentrate, focus and get work done efficiently. 

Designate places to keep your computer, printer, monitor, and other accessories. Ensure you have plug points that are accessible from where you will sit. 

If video conferencing is part and parcel of your work, ensure you have a clean backdrop in place. Set your workstation accordingly such that there is minimal noise or distraction. 

Do you need to make notes while working? Consider getting a bulletin board in place or a soft board if you need to have a quick look at some important data that you can pin-up. 

Finally, your workroom should have sufficient light and air, contributing towards a healthy workspace. 

2. Declutter your workspace every week

One secret to keeping your workspace clean and organized is to keep decluttering it every week. 

Set aside a day in the week for this task. Make it a point to throw away at least three things from your workspace that are not important. Put those papers where you scribbled last week into the shredder. 

Not just your workspace, but your computer needs decluttering too. Make it a point to declutter all the unwanted things that have piled up on the computer. You’ll notice how a simple decluttering exercise also helps you de-stress

Remember, you are not just decluttering to make the workspace look clear, but you are helping yourself to get more productive at work.

3. Invest in storage solutions 

One way to keep your home office organized is by investing in enough storage spaces so that you don’t lose anything important. 

Create designated storage spaces to store your office stationeries, paperwork, files, and other important documents. Label them properly. 

Keep your files organized by making them colour-coded. Remember, storage spaces don’t need to be boring. You can bring in some colour and vibrancy in your home office by getting colourful bins or aesthetically designed cubbies depending on the space available in your workroom. 

Colourful storage bins and cubbyhole shelves are also wonderful ideas to keep your office stuff organized neatly. 

4. Invest in ergonomic furniture

Whether you are working as a full-time remote employee or just work a few days a week from home, having ergonomic furniture for your home office is crucial. 

Ergonomic furniture not only takes care of your posture while sitting for long hours, but it also helps you to be more productive. If you are considering upgrading your home office furniture then consider getting a height-adjustable ergonomic chair or standing desks. 

Home office organizing is a necessity for every remote worker. When your home office is organized, you get a headstart to your day, stay focused at work, and are motivated to perform better. 

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