How to Trick Yourself to Start Working When You Don’t Want to

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Let’s face it, we all experience this motion where we just don’t feel like doing any work. Ask yourself how many times have you delayed your tasks? Now the trick is, what can you do to push yourself back into a working mood? If there is something that must be done despite not feeling to tackle it, how can you overcome your stubbornness and get proactive? Here are 3 simple tricks.



Start Small first 

You may not have the urge to start working on coding just to start a new webpage right now from scratch and presenting it to your boss in just a day. But you might feel like doing some simple research on which coding works best. Or feel like coding a few stuff before your lunch break starts. Or feel like taking a quick break to free your mind from work. These are the small steps along the long journey. Sometimes we underestimate the usefulness of taking small steps, but they are absolutely essential because they can help you get into the right work routine. If you start working small every other day, you’ll get familiar with the workflow and then you’ll naturally want to start spending more time on the work. And eventually, you will start to get to work in full swing. The small steps may seem negligible at the moment, but are what will eventually lead to completing your work. 



Start sloppy first

Why start sloppy? Perhaps you have high expectations in getting your work done. You want to achieve beyond your sales target, instead of barely reaching it. All those high expectations can put a lot of pressure on yourself more than you can handle. More pressure will lead to more procrastination. Instead, you can avoid those expectations by starting deliberately badly. Reach out to anyone, without considering anything – you know that’s not going to guarantee success. Once you realise that you don’t always have to push yourself to be the greatest from the start, it’s much easier to get yourself motivated to work. From there it’s easier to get yourself consistently working without feeling like it. 



Just do it!

A straightforward trick is to cast off all your doubts, negative thoughts and just take the leap. It’s a simple approach that can potentially inspire you to get straight to work instead of avoiding it. Wherever you catch yourself contemplating on the work you do might fail or doubting whether you can get to finished in time, just screw it and just do it! Put aside your negative self-take and take a step forward.


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