9 Digital Marketing Certificates You Should Acquire

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Looking to stay on top of digital trends and become one of the best digital marketers in the industry? There are plenty of free and paid online marketing courses available on the Internet, but how do you choose the most suitable ones? Here is a list of top 9 digital marketing courses that you can invest your time learning.

1. Twitter Flight School

Discover and learn how to make the best impression on Twitter. The course offers two choices for marketers to gain traction and plans their advertising strategies on Twitter. The Executive Leadership course is suited for those looking to improve their branding while the Marketing Leadership course is perfect for marketers looking to dive into larger business opportunities on the social media channels.

             Twitter to launch Flight School Live programme for agencies in India: Best  Media Info

2.Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Advertising is a great way to learn how to reach your target audience and drive awareness. Set yourself to be one of the best digital marketers and as proof of your advanced-level competency in the digital advertising field.

Why Is a Facebook Blueprint Certification Good for You?

3.Google Analytics Individual Qualification(IQ)

Google Analytics is one of the most essential tools for marketers to measure the growth of website traffic. While it is easy to learn and use for beginners, in the hands of a professional it will be the most valuable asset. The study materials and exam are available for free. If you are just a beginner, hands-on experience in using Google Analytics is not required to take up the exam.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification : Google

4.OMI Web Analytics Certification

This course will guide you from the basic parts to a deeper level of understanding of how to analyze and approach data to expand your business. You will learn to be an expert in navigating and tracking audience, traffic and funnel data to gain a deeper understanding of your website through Google Analytics. Additionally, the course you teach you how to optimize your marketing campaigns and produce valuable business insights by analyzing accurate data sets.

5.ClickMinded SEO Specialist

Be one of the best SEO specialists by learning how to understand creating your marketing persona and dive into detail about the marketing funnel. This course will also explore the search fundamentals, learning the outline of search intent, keyword research and more.

ClickMinded - LTD Hunt 🦅🔥

6.HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Content will always be the centrepiece in today’s digital space and content marketing is the essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy. If you are looking to become an expert in implementing and executing a content marketing strategy, Hubspot content marketing certification is a great start for your career.

Is the HubSpot Certification for Content Marketing Worth the Effort?


7.HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Regarded as one of the best email marketing courses that teach aspiring marketers on how to strategize their email marketing campaign that will help grow business. The courses cover from contact management and segmentation to deliverables and analyzing email sends. With over 9 lessons, 27 videos and 9 quizzes to cover, this course is free!

             Become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional -

8.Google Adwords Certification

A powerful tool in the digital space where advertising is so much more on the internet. Companies’ digital ad expenditure is increasing, this is where Google Adwords become essential for businesses that are looking to optimize their digital marketing return on investment. Take this opportunity to become a Google Adwords certified to demonstrate your knowledge of this tool.

Google Ads Certifications : Google

9.Hubspot Inbound Certification

Expand your knowledge in the marketing field by learning about the best inbound marketing practice with Hubspot Inbound Certification. This learning course will explore the core aspects of inbound marketing such as attracting visitors, converting leads, gaining and retaining customers.

HubSpot Launches Inbound Marketing & HubSpot Certification Programs


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