10 Life Tips on How to Stay Productive and Motivated When You Are Struggling with Depression

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If you are dealing with depression, you know how annoying and debilitating the cycle of negative thoughts can be, especially when you are trying to stay productive. Some days even getting minor tasks done takes a huge amount of effort. Finding the motivation to do anything feels like an impossible task. Never let your work-life deteriorate, and don’t feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities. Here are a few life tips in order to improve your productivity as you go through depression.

  1. Set a timer for yourself whenever you have an idea to start on. Give at least 5 minutes for yourself to think about it.
  2. Create a schedule. Even if you have not done it before or not that frequent, it’s still comforting to have something to follow up with.
  3. Meditation helps a lot as it stops negative thinking and prevents yourself from panicking especially when you have things to do.
  4. If you have the tendency to binge eat while suffering from depression, preparing your meal can help curb this bad habit while managing your diet.
  5. Physical activities are important and you can always jump straight into it whenever you feel depressed. It helps to distract your mind even if it’s just for a brief few minutes.
  6. Go out for any reason, sometimes it can be immensely helpful to change your surroundings if you find yourself stuck at home the whole time. During office hours, taking a short break and getting out for a while helps too!
  7. Reading can be incredibly helpful to get yourself immersed in something else besides thinking about your depression. Any genre works as long as it’s your interest while giving yourself a break.
  8. Keep in mind that despite your mind constantly telling yourself that you are in a mess, you are not entirely a bad or lazy person. 
  9. Take the initiative to catch up with a friend or friends. Spending time socializing with your friends that supports you can help reset your mind.
  10. Any small action can gradually produce big results. Take every day little by little, each step and you will find yourself climbing your mountain of achievements.

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