18 Questions To Ask a Mentor At Your Workplace

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Have you ever wondered what are the most significant questions to ask about career advice? If you have the opportunity to establish a relationship with your mentor, keep in mind that it’s a valuable resource that not everyone has contact with. That means it’s important to ask engaging questions that can help advance your career. Keep in mind that it would be more beneficial to ask questions that provide value for both you and your mentor. Here are 18 questions that you should consider asking your mentor.

  1. What’s a major mistake that you have made that you want to help others to avoid repeating?
  2. What is your approach to overcoming failure?
  3. What’s an important lesson you have learned from your past mistakes?
  4. When do you think is the time for me to give up towards a certain challenge?
  5. What is your approach towards integrating feedback into your work and personal life?
  6. What is the biggest decision that you achieve the most success in your career?
  7. What is the most effective strategy for achieving success in this field?
  8. What can I do to be more strategic towards pursuing my career goals?
  9. What traits should I adopt to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive industry?
  10. What should I be looking into how to advance my career further?
  11. Which aspect do you think I am falling short at my current job?
  12. What can I do right now to improve myself and my career prospects?
  13. What is the biggest challenge you have to overcome?
  14. Are there any challenges that you have not been able to overcome?
  15. What is the best moment in your career?
  16. Was there anything else you think you could have done better, had you known what you know now?
  17. What is the most important value that gets you to where you are today?
  18. What is your definition of success and has it changed over the years?

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