5 Tips To Plan Your Own Solo Travel

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One of the biggest challenges of any traveler is to choose to solo travel. Travelling by yourself is a unique and entirely different experience compared to travelling with a companion. The best part of solo travel is that it can be rewarding, wonderful and a once in a lifetime experience. If you are thinking about planning your solo travel, here are 5 essential tips to plan it right.

1. Planning your solo trip

There are many great websites that you can refer to plan your trip. You can even just rely on Google Maps to plan your routes. Alternatively, you can check out Rome 2 Rio which is regarded as one of the easiest websites to set up your trip. You can also determine your route and see what the possibilities for travelling are. For flights, you can refer to Google Flights and Skyscanner to check the cheapest flights.

2. Getting your Visa

Every country in the world has its treaties in regards to the requirements of a visa. Now that it’s easier to travel wherever you want, keep in mind that there are still big differences in the reach of your passport. Always check to ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months before your arrival. Check out Project Visa, this site offers a great overview of the strength of your passport. While the information can be outdated due to ongoing events, it’s still essential to check with the website of your national embassy. Most embassies provide necessary information about your destination and will gladly assist you in case you have any enquiries. Besides that, some countries such as the European Union will not require any Visa and some countries work with a visa on arrival.

3. What to bring

Every solo traveller brings their best gear. Many opted for a backpack but there are still people who prefer to travel with suitcases. Backpacks can give you that additional freedom when moving a lot and generally walking around. Remember to get a backpack that best fits you. Check out any camping stores or online sites to help you with your purchase decision and make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to bring. What kind of stuff that you want to bring along depends entirely on where you are travelling to and how luxurious your travel will be. Head over to Lighterpack, a handy website that can help you keep track of the weight of the items you bring for travel.

4. Get your vaccination

It’s important to get the right vaccinations before you depart. Certain countries won’t let you in if you don’t have the right vaccinations. Most organizations would highly recommend you to get your vaccinations at least 6-8 weeks before travelling. You can check your health insurance to find out the recommended vaccinations for your travel destination. Take in mind that certain vaccinations will require updates instead of assuming that your childhood vaccinations will be sufficient. Some vaccinations will need to be done twice to gain a longer period. Remember to consult an expert before you opt to travel to a new destination. While most vaccinations are fairly accessible, so even if you have travelled abroad, you still can get them but it’s still better late than never.

5. Finding your accommodations

There are many types of accommodation that you can choose from. The most prominent hostels are Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Hostelz, and Hostelworld. Airbnb and Couchsurfing is the cheaper option and can provide you with the most authentic experience as you get to stay in a local house. Some hosts may even gladly show you around the places. Hostels are on the pricier end, but the easiest way to meet other solo travellers. There is a high possibility that you could be sharing a room with others and have a shared kitchen and common room. Besides the above mentions, you can choose to stay in a hotel or go camping depending on the destination. Hostels are the most expensive accommodation and the most luxurious. If you are opting for camping, you will have to bring your gear and carry it around throughout your travels. While it does grant you lots of flexibility to travel, it’s not limited within big cities.  

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