10 Ways To Become A Confident Person

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Confidence can only be achieved through sheer will and determination to achieve it. One of the simplest ways to grow your confidence is by working on small changes and practising them daily. If you are looking to take a big leap to become a more confident person, these 10 goals can help you achieve it regardless of your profession or personal life.



1. Leading with your strengths

Whether you are starting a new job or dealing with a difficult client, work can test your self-assurance. To lead with your strengths, you will need to organize your day to focus on what you excel at. Moreover, it is best to remind yourself of past successes to keep yourself engaged, stay positive and self-assured.


2. Monitoring your success

Start your day by setting up a realistic to-do list that you can clear off as you go. This is important to ensure you can develop a visible pattern of high achievement.



3. Talk to various people while at work

Whenever you cross paths with a colleague, strike up a conversation. You will realize that many people are friendly, and there’s nothing to fear about. The more you make the effort to reach out, the easier it’s for you to engage with people.



4. Trying out something new

Search online for what kind of popular activities that can be played with a group of people and organize it among your colleagues for team-building.


5. Be more spontaneous while at work

When it comes to engaging in activities outside of work with your colleagues, instead of thinking of not to go, attend the event whenever you’re invited to. This will help your mind feel less cluttered with planning and what-ifs. Thinking on your feet will become natural, making things easier to cope with any kind of situations that arise.



6. Focus on body language

Maintain a good posture, smile, maintain eye contact and take your time when speaking. Following these simple steps will make you feel and appear more confident.



7. Travel to a place you never been before

Take leave and head out for a new destination that will require you to be assertive. Venture to tourist hotspots so that you can get used to interacting with other travellers. Try out exotic things and give yourself confidence that you can bring back home.


8. Travelling solo

Travelling on your own can be a great way to build self-confidence, it’s a by-product of immersing yourself in planning and traversing into a journey especially if you never have done it before.


9. Take on a physical challenge

Partake in sports activities that you either excel in or are interested in especially in a team sport. Taking part in a team sport relies heavily on cooperation and communication, that means you take the initiative to strategize together with your teammates. 



10. Push yourself to the limit

Take part in difficult and demanding activities such as long-distance hiking, survival camping or rock climbing. These types of activities can help push you out of your comfort zone to accomplish difficult tasks set by yourself. 


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