Why should you make a video resume?

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Over the last few decades, the employment market has evolved dramatically. Today’s competition is fierce, and the process has altered. Every sector, including recruiting, has been transformed by technology. 

A video CV appears to be a frightening idea for many workers.

While evaluating a prospective applicant, the typical employer takes around 6 seconds to scan through resumes. So, your CV must do all of the speaking and make a significant impact in those essential 6 seconds to advance to the next stage.

You may be the top in the company, with deep expertise and applicable talents to offer, but how can you express that to an employer in only 6 seconds on the document?

It’s why a video résumé might come in handy. Still not persuaded? Here are the top five advantages of making a video resume.

  • Increases credibility

A video CV boosts the validity of your profile by making you and your abilities more personable. The hiring manager gets to know the person behind the video résumé, enabling them to assess your skills and knowledge. Another effective method to add authenticity is to include testimonials from former coworkers or supervisors that reinforce your talents and capabilities.

  • Exhibits communicative abilities

Communication skills are an advantage to every individual, regardless of the type of their work. What better method to exhibit your communication abilities than with a video resume? If your video CV is graphics-oriented or talking-head video style, it will convey to prospective hiring managers what you want to communicate.

  • Emphasizes creativity

Developing a video CV allows you to highlight your uniqueness, which is highly valued if you want a job in the creative industry. Assume you’re looking for the position of an animator and provide an animated video résumé. Even if the job role does not require design, a video CV may be a valuable tool. Submitting a video CV, for instance, displays your capacity to explore artistically and showcase yourself if you’re seeking a marketing job.

  • Demonstrate dedication an determination

The fact that you went the additional mile and sent in a video resume indicates how enthusiastic you are about the position. Your eagerness and proactiveness shine through and are essential traits for any job role.

  • Designing interactive video resume

Visual effects connect easily than words, as is generally recognized. So a well-scripted video CV can capture the employer’s attention and keep them interested in contrast to reviewing pieces of text.


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