These are the 2021 fastest growing jobs in Malaysia

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The job market has permanently changed since the COVID-19. Careers in health care, education and digital services are set to be among the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia this year, according to a new report released by Linkedin. It tracked the growth in listings for over 15,000 job titles to identify those that increased the most in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Also, according to recent study, Malaysian companies have shift their business to online retail due to lockdowns, this has opened up new roles in e-commerce and digital marketing. Those trends, in turn, have led businesses to implement new digital technologies, resulting in a surge in demand for software and cybersecurity specialists.

Based on LinkedIn’s report and the study from, here are the 10 biggest career categories of 2021, including the most in-demand positions, main skills required and major cities hiring for each role.

1. Digital content writer

  • Top job roles: Editor, copywriter, podcaster, YouTube & Tiktok content creator, video editor
  • Skills required: Proof reading, video editing, Adobe Premier Pro, creative writing

2. Software developer

  • Top job roles: Web developer, system analyst, mobile application developer, full stack engineer, front-end developer, DevOps consultant who manages software development and IT operations
  • Skills required: JavaScript, web development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), programming languages MySQL and HTML

3. Finance Manager

  • Top job roles: Financial advisor, accountant, financial planner, finance specialist
  • Skills required: Financial planning, insurance, risk management, financial analysis, accounting

4. Digital marketing specialist

  • Top job roles: Social media manager, digital marketing specialist, social media marketing specialist, marketing analyst
  • Skills required: Social media marketing, copywriting, Google Analytics, lead generation, digital marketing

5. E-commerce executive

  • Top job roles: Online specialist, e-commerce co-ordinator
  • Skills required: Online marketing, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) to help drive web traffic
  • 6. Business development and sales manager
  • Top job roles: Sales specialist, account manager, account executive, business development specialist
  • Skills required: Negotiation, account management, business development, business planning, lead generation to help attract consumer interest

7. Health-care/medical support executive

  • Top job roles: Medical technologist, pharmacy assistant, healthcare assistant, medical officer, medical specialist
  • Skills required: Health care, medical assisting, pharmaceuticals, medical education, clinical research

8. Customer service manager

  • Top job roles: Customer service executive, customer support specialist, contact center specialist
  • Skills required: Contact centers customer service, customer support, team leadership

9. Health-care/Medical frontline executive

  • Top job roles: Medical doctor, general practitioner, medical officer, nurse, paramedic
  • Skills required: Nursing, medicine, health care, Basic Life Support (BLS), emergency medicine

10. Cyber security specialist

  • Top job roles: Cyber security analyst, cyber security consultant, informational security specialist
  • Skills required: Penetration testing, information security, security information and event management (SIEM), cybersecurity

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