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83% of employees in our survey said a hybrid model would be optimal. The future of work will be characterized by complexity and managing differences. Organizations will struggle to provide working models that satisfy the needs of all employees all the time.

HR policies and leadership support have largely catered to onsite employees (90% of the workforce was onsite prior to COVID), but new workforce segments are now emerging.

An important workforce segment is emerging: a group of people who can be productive and healthy anywhere, whether they’re remote onsite or both.

63% of high-growth companies have already enabled productivity anywhere workforce models.

Nearly 1 in 3 employees report feeling only frustration with work today. But surprisingly, the most healthy and effective individuals were not those who had an absence of negative work stressors, but those who had the most positive resources.

Approximately 25% of our sample worked full onsite throughout the pandemic and are likely to remain onsite for the foreseeable future.

These workers tended to be in healthcare and retail industries, at lower organizational levels, and working for smaller and more localized businesses.

In the quest to optimize remote work, we must also reimagine onsite work and provide resources to enable people to be healthy and productive.


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