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How much can you earn as a Grab driver in Malaysia?

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Pandemic has hit the Malaysian economy badly. Many companies have cut down their number of employees, hundred thousands of people lost their jobs. Thus, working as a Grab driver has been considered as a good way to supplement income during the bad economic situation or simply to get a job quickly with low entry barriers. You just needed a driving license with at least two years of experience to become a Grab driver. But most of people concerns their earning before they started, so here is for your reference.

How much can you expect to earn?

Based on Grab’s income calculator we learned, you can earn around RM712 a week as a part-time Grab driver. You can earn over RM1,000 a week if you are a full-timer driving 10 hours per day from Monday to Friday and Saturday. Please keep in mind that those earnings haven’t excluded the additional expenses such as car insurance, petrol, maintenance, etc yet. If you wish to become a Grab driver partner, click here to get started.

What expenses should I need to take into account?

  • Car loan repayments. If you do not have your own car, you’ll need to take your loan repayments into account.
  • Insurance. It’s compulsory to buy commercial insurance for private-hire purposes in Singapore.
  • Fuel/ Petrol. This expense depends on how long and how frequently you use your car outside of the scope of Grab-driving.
  • Car servicing/ maintenance. This includes wear and tear (oil changing, tyre, brake, etc).
  • Mobiles plan. A plan that gives you a fair amount of data, calls and GPS use monthly.
  • Parking. If you pay for parking during your daily Grab driving
  • Extras. If you want to keep your Grab partner rating up, you might want to consider offering the passengers a few extras like sweets, water or even magazines.

Taking all of your expenses into account can help you manage your budget and even reduce what you’re spending. Remember, any of the above is tax-deductible.

To sum up, how much you can earn by Grab driving is a controversial issue. You will get a few estimated average income by searching online and probably you’ll find some debates among drivers on how much they actually earn. This is mainly due to other incurring costs that every driver needs to take into account when working as a Grab driver, and it also depends on your driving style. Nonetheless, if you are neither ready to work as a Grab driver nor confident in your driving skill yet, you can also explore other option like become to become a GrabFood rider whose income can be up to RM4,000 monthly.

Interested to become a GrabFood Rider or Grab Driver in Singapore, you can check out here.

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