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5 Common Part-Time Jobs for Students in Malaysia

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Malaysian students love to do part-time jobs, for whatever reasons, maybe need to pay back your PTPTN student loan or pay for your school fees. But being a student, you should always look after your studies rather than a job. But students who work during their university careers may have better time-management skills than their counterparts. They experience responsibility and apply it to their daily lives. They make money that can be used for living or for school fee, while gaining employment experience in the workplace that will be attractive to future careers after graduation.

However, there is no benefit of working on part-time jobs that don’t save you significant time and energy for study. You need the job that balances your study and work. But don’t worry, we have rounded up part-time jobs that not only save you plenty of time but also pay you well.

1. Home Tutor

The private home tutor industry is getting popular in Malaysia, where academic hurdles are increasing — seeking outside tutoring may seem necessary to parents. Decreasing trust in public education systems also drives the perceived need for tutors.

As a home tutor, you can set your own hours depending on your experience and availability. It will spare a significant time for your college classes and other commitments as well. Tutoring also adds to your personal development, communication skills, and knowledge.

2. Retail Store Assistant:

Many retail stores in Malaysia offer perks like short shifts, discounts and schedule flexibility to the students working with them. Tasks such as packing groceries, logistics, packing shelves, mopping floors to operating the cash register, there are different jobs at a grocery store. Some retail stores might offer the commission as an incentive for you to drive sales from them. However, the job is quite tiring as it requires long hours of standing.

3. Cafe Barista

This job is for those that enjoy chatting and serving coffee with strangers. It is also quite satisfying when you attracted royalty customer to the cafe. However, the job is quite tiring as it requires long hours of standing. Working in a cafe is a great way to practice your English.

4. Promoter

The promoter is different with retail stores assistant that mentioned above, the nature of the job is specifying in promoting products and generate sales. Example jobs like free-tasting or brochure distributor at the elevator.

It is a great way to practice your English as you might require talking all the time to strangers that you approached, However, the job is quite tiring as it requires long hours of standing

5. YouTuber / TikToker

YouTubers or Tiktokers typically work from home in producing content. According to a reliable source, every 1,000 views can earn about RM5. If you are popular, some advertisers are willing to pay you to make a video about their product.

For there freelancer jobs, such as Grab Driver, Grab Food, Foodpander food rider or any on-demand jobs,  those jobs are not recommended for full time students. You are not able to manage your time as its on-demand service and it will also a bit risky when you are driving a motorbike.

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