Top 10 Highest-Paid Administrative Jobs

Top 10 Highest-Paid Administrative Jobs in Malaysia

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What are the top 10 highest-paid administrative jobs in Malaysia? Administrative professionals have always worn many hats, and they’re now wearing even more. They increasingly need to partner with company leaders and are charged with collaborating with more people and departments to provide guidance on maneuvering through project-management and remote work issues.

Job seekers with standout soft skills and the ability to communicate with an array of personality types are also sought by employers. Experience with help desks and social media accounts are pluses for these roles.

Take a look at these 10 roles listed which administrative professionals can earn attractive salary with experience and training.

1. Receptionist

Malaysia average salary: RM3,000/month

Receptionists greet visitors, answer calls and maintain office directories. They also help the rest of the administrative staff with tasks such as data entry and research.

2. Administrative assistant

Malaysia average salary: RM2,500/month

Administrative assistants support their managers, colleagues and visitors. They answer phone calls, schedule appointments and meetings, take meeting minutes, order office supplies and use various office management systems to complete their duties.

3. Legal secretary

Malaysia average salary: RM5,000/month

Legal secretaries assist lawyers through various administrative duties. They transcribe and write legal documents, file important documents, perform research and answer phone calls and emails.

4. Business administrator

Malaysia average salary: RM3,000/month

Business administrators handle the daily management of an organization. They oversee a company’s finances, approve spending and work to promote the productivity and growth of the organization.

5. Office manager / Building manager

Malaysia average salary: RM6,000/month

Office managers ensure buildings meet the needs of people working inside of them. They handle cleaning, parking, security and ensure a suitable working condition for all. Office managers also inspect buildings to determine whether or not it needs repair and plan installations.

6. Senior executive assistant

Malaysia average salary: RM8,000/month

Senior executive assistants support a company’s executive officers, such as its president or chief executive officer. They coordinate an executive officer’s calendar, schedule their appointments, create their travel arrangements, manage emails and phone calls and prepare reports.

7. Office clerk

Malaysia average salary: RM2,400/month

Office clerks have many clerical duties including answering phone calls, delivering messages, running errands and filing records. They also gather financial records and organize any office activities.

8. Dispatcher

Malaysia average salary: RM2,800/month

Dispatchers receive calls and coordinate the movement of other personnel to provide assistance during non-emergency and emergency situations. They record every call, assess the situation, address the problem and provide the caller with a solution.

9. Accounting clerk

Malaysia average salary: RM2,900/month

Accounting clerks help with a company’s financial operations. They update financial records, process business transactions, prepare reports and reconcile bank statements.

10. Executive assistant

Malaysia average salary: RM5,000/month

Executive assistants help a senior office staff member with a variety of duties. They offer clerical support, organize meetings, make travel arrangements and handle a manager’s correspondence.

Tips for getting an administrative job

If you need assistance earning employment in an administrative position, consider the following tips:

  • Search for jobs in popular industries. While you can find an administrative job in nearly every industry, start your job search by looking for a job in an industry that’s actively hiring for these types of roles. Doing so may provide you with a greater amount of choices and opportunities.

  • Improve your soft skills. Since all administrative positions require a strong set of soft skills, spend time improving your abilities in this regard. For example, work on your organizational skills, your communication skills and your time management skills. Highlighting these skills in your resume or cover letter may improve your chances of getting an administrative job.

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