8 Accounting Jobs That Pay Well In Malaysia

8 Accounting Jobs That Pay Well In Malaysia

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Accounting is one of the most important aspects of business as a whole. Without accounting, professional budgeting would be confusing and likely impossible to manage. Accounting professionals are found all across the country working for a wide variety of professional organizations, each with their own unique contribution to the betterment of business finance.

We reviewed information from Jobstore.com to help find the highest paying accounting jobs in Malaysia. These figures are aggregated from a wide range of data and should only be treated as a general guide. Actual pay could vary significantly depending on the specific company and market you work in.

Here are 8 high-earning accountant jobs in order from least to greatest national average salary.

Top 8 accounting jobs in Malaysia

1. Accounting clerk

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM2,000 – RM3,200

Accounting clerks are responsible for a variety of tasks that help accountants maintain finances at an organization. Some tasks might including filing paperwork, tracking income and debts, creating reports and maintaining records.

Companies with this position: Aerodyn Services, K-FORCE SECURITY, TRANSBELT AUTOMOTIVE

2. Bookkeeper

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM2,400 – RM2,600

Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day financial occurrences of a company. They are tasked with recording and presenting financial standings and reports to management and other supervisors.

3. Auditor

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM4,800 – RM8,800

Auditor reviews a business’ or individual’s financial filings to ensure calculations are correct and all finances are accounted for. Auditors are called to both randomly assess financial management and in specific cases when financial crimes are suspected.

Companies with this position: UOB KAY HIAN, F&N, BRANDT

4. Financial analyst

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM7,200 – RM9,300

Financial analysts are responsible for tracking the state of stocks, bonds and other investments to make recommendations and predictions for organizations. They take company and individual goals into account and assess which financial decisions would be most beneficial.

Companies with this position: IPP WEALTH, BRANDT

5. CFO

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM20,000 – RM29,000

CFO oversee and manage the economic and financial health of an organization. They make high-level decisions to meet financial goals and strategize for long-term monetary health.

6. Finance controller

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM18,000 – RM28,000

Finance controllers typically oversee the accounting department and are responsible for ensuring organizations are compliant, preparing and maintaining budgets, creating financial reports and more.

7. Tax accountant

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM5,500 – RM10,000

Tax accountants are responsible for completing and filing tax returns for an individual or business, depending on their position. They fill collect all necessary information, submit data accurately and calculate the proper outcome of the tax return, annually.

Companies with this position: IMRAN, EVERFINE

8. Compliance officer

Jobstore Monthly┬áSalary Range:┬áRM4,200 – RM8,000

Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring all financial filings, decisions and tasks are compliant with national laws regarding company finances.

Companies with this position: ASK, V.S. INDUSTRY

If you are pursuing a career in the accounting field, be sure to highlight your related technical skills and certifications on your resume. Additionally, you should use numbers to measure the impact youÔÇÖve made during other professional experiences when possible.


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