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Malaysia 10 of the Highest Paying Logistics Jobs in 2022

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10 of the Highest Paying Logistics Jobs in 2022 including logistics manager, Inventory manager, dispatch manager, and coordinator etc… For the most part, logistics job relate to the packing, transportation, and storage of inventory, including both merchandise delivery to retail locations and raw materials delivery to production facilities. Logistics managers oversee aspects of the supply chain while analysts evaluate the quickest and most cost-efficient methods of delivery. Logistics engineers solve problems specific to macro-scale logistics projects.

To begin working in logistics, you should first earn a degree or diploma in logistics. This will give you a baseline of the knowledge and skills required in the logistics field, and from there you can begin seeking entry-level positions in the industry. Since many employers promote and encourage transfers from within, it can be helpful to take entry-level positions related to logistics, and then apply for the position you want as it becomes available. Depending on your education level, you may find entry-level positions as a research analyst or process associate.

  1. Logistics manager / executive

    Salary range: RM44,500-RM76,000 per year

    A logistics manager or executive plays a vital role in managing product flow for a company. As a logistics manager, you will oversee the sourcing and ordering of your company’s products, ensuring they arrive on time where needed. You will also forecast the needs for various products and try to walk the line between not meeting demand and having too much of a product, maintaining a balance that is most profitable.

  2. Dispatch manager / executive

    Salary range: RM28,500-RM45,000 per year

    A dispatch manager or executive works at a warehouse or a call center to ensure that the supply chain workflow of a company operates as efficiently as possible. As a dispatch manager or executive, your job duties include training new employees, delegating tasks, coordinating the daily workload, documenting productivity, overseeing incoming and outgoing shipments, and reporting to senior management. The qualifications for a career as a dispatch manager are a bachelorÔÇÖs degree in business management or logistics and experience in workflow organization or supply chain logistics. You need an organized, technical mindset and strong communication and leadership skills.

  3. Warehouse managers

    Salary range: RM36,500-RM48,000 per year

    Warehouse managers are the ones who supervise all activities of the facility, involving overseeing the team performance, expediting the shipping and receiving of goods, and ensuring the organized and efficient storage of goods. Candidates with technical expertise are well suited for this job role.

  4. E-Commerce logistics managers

    Salary range: RM36,500-RM48,000 per year

    E-commerce logistics managers design and implement business plans, strategies, and procedures to maintain a seamless procurement, supply chain, logistics, and operations. Simultaneously, they oversee the work of finance, marketing and IT executives and the daily operations of the company.

  5. Purchasing managers

    Salary range: RM36,500-RM48,000 per year

    Purchasing managers or directors are the ones responsible for leading a team for procuring goods and services for company use or resale. Side-by-side, they evaluate suppliers, review product quality, and negotiate contracts. Moreover, purchasing manager as a job profile in supply chain management and logistics is in high demand.

  6. Supply chain manager / executive

    Salary range: RM48,500-RM72,000 per year

    Primary duties:┬áA supply chain manager oversees all aspects of an organization’s supply chain, including material sourcing, production and order fulfillment. Their job is to evaluate and adjust procedures for efficiency, implement cost-effective solutions, help set budgets, check compliance with safety protocols and industry standards and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, vendors and sellers.

  7. Inventory Manager

    Salary range: RM48,500-RM72,000 per year

    Inventory managers are responsible for overseeing the inventory levels of a business. They direct a team of inventory employees in order to receive and record new stock as it is shipped out and delivered. Usually, their duties involve recording daily deliveries, analyzing different suppliers, and evaluating new shipments.

  8. Freight Forwarders

    Salary range: RM42,000-RM68,000 per year

    Freight forwarders or forwarding agents refer to the person or company responsible for organizing shipments for individuals and corporations so as to get goods from the producer or manufacturer to a customer, market, or final point of distribution.

  9. International Logistics Coordinator

    Salary range: RM36,500-RM48,000 per year

    The logistics job duties of an international logistics coordinator involve working to plan shipments, monitor their progress, and prepare any necessary documents and regulatory requirements. Your responsibilities in this career include fostering working relationships with clients and shipping providers. You may have to contact clients to find out their needs and offer solutions for the timely and cost-effective shipment of cargo by air, rail, truck, or over the ocean. You also advise clients about how to prepare their shipment and what documentation they need.

  10. Director of Logistics

    Salary range: RM82,000-RM132,500 per year

    A director of logistics job oversees the transportation operations associated with the shipping and receiving of parts and products. In this management role, you direct the distribution of goods out of a companyÔÇÖs facilities as well as the reception of products and raw materials into their facilities. Your job duties include implementing and utilizing computer software systems to make sure all transportation operations are electronically tracked. An essential aspect of this career is to focus on reducing the costs associated with transportation and improve the efficiency of the process. Job candidates typically have leadership and analytical skills as well as prior experience in a similar role.

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