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8 Highest Paying Jobs in Education

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There are many rewarding jobs in the field of education, so the right job in education is different for each person. In general, most jobs in education will require an associate’s degree or higher. If you want to be rewarded for your hard work, the following 10 jobs are the best options in this field. You can also expect higher pay as you gain more experience in education. 

In order to have the best chances of getting hired for one of these jobs in education, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree. Unless you are teaching at a private or parochial school, you will also need a teaching certification from your state before you can teach students.

1. Training & Development Manager

Average salary: RM68,000

If you’re looking for a high-paying job that lets you utilize your education and teaching experience, but don’t necessarily want to stay in traditional school jobs, then a career as a training and development manager may be perfect for you. This career requires someone who can staff, plan, and coordinate programs that enhance knowledge, which sounds perfect for teachers. Although your education major will help, you’ll likely need further training in human resources or management, and you may need a master’s degree. People in these positions earn an average salary of RM68,000, while the top 10% of this career can make over RM184,990. Job outlook is excellent as well, with an expected rise of 10% from 2022 to 2024.

Required Education: HR Certificate or Degree in HR

2. School Principal

Average salary: RM92,000

If you have worked in education jobs for a few years and are ready to take the next step, working as a principal may be right for you. In this career, you will oversee all the operations of a specific elementary, middle, or high school. Tasks may include defining curriculums, overseeing teacher staff, and providing general guidance for the institution. To work as a principal, you will need to build on your education major with a master’s degree in education leadership or education administration. If you become a principal, you’ll work in a career that has an average salary of RM92,000. If you work your way to the top 10%, you’ll enjoy a salary over RM135,000. Job outlook is similar to other careers in education, with an expected growth of 8%.

Required Education: Master’s in Education Administration

3. Art, Drama, or Music Teacher

Average salary: RM68,000

If you have a passion for the arts and want to spread this joy to young students, consider a career teaching art, drama, or music. This type of career can include everything from painting to design to crafts. Music teachers may work with bands, orchestras, choirs, and more, while drama teachers can cover everything from set design to acting to musical singing. The average salary for this career in RM68,000, making it very lucrative employment in education. If you are in the top 10% of this field, you can expect to make an annual salary over RM100,000.

Required Education: Bachelor’s and/or Teaching Certification

4. Instructional Coordinator

 Average salary: RM62,000

This is another career that is outside the scope of typical educational jobs. In this career, you will oversee school curriculums and teaching standards, working to create the most effective teaching system possible. Specific tasks may include developing instruction material or coordinating education with teachers and principles. This career typically requires a master’s degree and teaching experience. Working in this field, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a career that averages RM62,000 a year, with a top 10% earning over RM100,000. Job growth is expected to be at 10% because of a high emphasis on student performance, which can be enhanced with the expertise of an instructional coordinator.

Required Education: Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction

 5. Human Resources Specialist

Average salary: RM59,000

While it may not be considered on of the traditional educational jobs, one of the main duties of a human resource specialist is to develop skills among employees and implement training. This makes it a great fit for people who have degrees and experience in education. To become an HR specialist, you may need to leave the teaching field and work as an HR assistant for a year or two. Customer service and other business positions can also be beneficial. The average pay for this career is RM59,000, while the top 10% will enjoy a salary above RM101,000. The career is also expected to have 7% job growth, which is right alongside the national average.

Required Education: HR Degree

6. Elementary School Teacher

 Average salary: RM55,000

Anyone who enjoys working with young children will love the career of an elementary school teacher. These skilled professionals help educate children by planning and implementing courses, working directly with students, teaching lessons, communicating with parents, and performing many other tasks. One important role for elementary teachers in today’s environment is to prepare students for standardized teaching. Teachers of younger students enjoy a strong salary, although it is less than the salary of high school or middle school teachers.The average salary of this career is RM55,000, while the top 10% will earn over RM88,000. Job outlook is also standing at 8%, similar to other educational jobs.

Required Education: Bachelor’s in Education

7. School & Career 

Average salary: RM54,000

This career calls for people who can develop the academic and social skills of students, helping them to succeed in future schooling as well as their professional jobs. One of the biggest tasks for counselors is to help the student decide which career or academic path they should pursue. This career requires professional certifications and related experience, as well as a master’s degree in school counseling. The pay and growth for this school system job is strong. School counselors earn an average salary of RM54,000, with the top 10% commanding a salary over RM93,000. The job is expected to grow by 11%, fueled by the rising need for development guidance and an increase in career centers at private colleges.

Required Education: Master’s in School Counseling

8. Childcare Center Director

Average salary: RM45,000

Children who are too young for kindergarten need education and guidance too. In many cases, this role is taken by preschool and childcare center directors, who supervise and lead staff, design educational programs, and oversee daycare activities. A bachelor’s degree in education will be beneficial for this career, and experience in childhood education can also help. People working in one of these educational jobs enjoy an average salary of RM45,000 and the top 10% can earn over RM82,000. Job growth sits at 11%, largely due to an expected growth in the need for daycare, as well as the demand for preschool education.

Required Education: Bachelor’s in Education


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