Machinist Job Description Template

Machinist Job Description Template

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Machinist Job Description

A Machinist is a professional who uses different techniques to create and make very precise metal parts.

Machinist responsibilities include:

  • Review samples, drawings, or directions to determine what the output should look like.
  • Planning the order of steps need to complete a task.
  • Measuring and marking materials to be cut or shaped.

Job Brief

We need a skilled Machinist who can use a variety of machines to do the jobs we give them. You will use both manual and automated tools and exact measurements to make or fix precise parts.

A good mechanic must be good with their hands and eye for details. They also need to know math and physics and pay attention to safety rules.

The goal is to ensure that work runs smoothly and improve work productivity.


  • Look at samples, drawings, or directions to determine what the output should look like.
  • Plan the order of steps needed to finish the job.
  • Measure and mark the object to be cut or shaped.
  • Choose the right tools (like lathes) and place or add materials for a job.
  • Figure out and set the batch size, machine speed, etc.
  • While working, keep an eye on the machine to change the feed, keep the temperature steady, and spot problems.
  • Check the result to make sure it meets the requirements and throw out any mistakes.
  • Keep track of units or final goods that were approved and those that were not.
  • Do regular machine upkeep and fix small problems.

Skills and Requirements

  • Proven track record as a Machinist.
  • Experience using and/or setting manual, semi-automated, or automatic tools and machines (like lathes, grinders, etc.).
  • Ability to take exact measurements with tools like calipers.
  • A person who knows how metal and other materials work.
  • Being able to read plans, drawings, and instructions.
  • Good at math with analytical abilities.
  • Having the strength and energy to lift heavy things.
  • High school diploma or the equivalent; vocational study or an apprenticeship is a plus.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Machinist jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,300 to RM 3,800.

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