Realiti Kerjaya Dalam Bidang Industri Kreatif

Realiti Kerjaya Dalam Bidang Industri Kreatif

Industri kreatif adalah industri-industri yang melibatkan kreativiti individu, keterampilan, dan bakat yang mempunyai potensi menjana kekayaan. Kerjaya dalam bidang industri kreatif dahulunya sering dipandang remeh bagi sesetengah masyarakat. Bagi mereka, industri kreatif ini tidak menyumbang kepada masa depan serta tiada peluang pekerjaan. Walau bagaimanapun, memetik laporan daripada Malaysia Gazette, industri

4 Ways to Avoid Vacation Guilt

If you’ve ever been at your child’s graduation or on your way to the beach or a hike and couldn’t resist the urge to check your work email, you’re not alone. After all, the constant alerts don’t stop just because you’re not there. Even though we know that resting is

Loud Quitting is Worse Than Quiet Quitting

You’ve probably heard of “quiet quitting,” a trend where people did the bare minimum at jobs they didn’t like but needed the money for. Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report says that workers now do the opposite: “loud quitting.” Workers are “actively disengaged” on the job and aren’t afraid

Work-Life Balance is a Myth?

Today, the phrase work-life balance can be found everywhere. It’s all over social media, and there’s a discussion about it at least once a month. This is due to high stress work, and people are quitting at an alarming pace. However, what exactly is work-life balance and is that lifestyle attainable