HR Best Practices from Fortune’s Top 10 Companies 2018

HR Best Practices from Fortune’s Top 10 Companies 2018

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Fortune’s ranking of the best companies to work for in 2018  is back! Compared to last year’s list, Google did not secure into the top 10 list. This year’s finalists are companies that strive to provide the best for their employees, customers and community alike. Based on Great Place to Work U.S, measures companies based on the executive team effectiveness, innovation and people-focused programs. 

Establishing a company with a unique culture that provides a kind support to employees career growth is the true sense of purpose. Instilling a true sense of purpose will display efforts that bring value for themselves and the company as well. Let’s take a look at these top 10 employers how they set up a workplace that provides the best working experience.

  1. Salesforce
  2. Wegmans Food Market
  3. Ultimate Software
  4. The Boston Consulting Group
  5. Edward Jones
  6. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
  7. Workday
  8. Genentech
  9. Hyatt
  10. Kimley-Horn
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Ranked at the 8th on the Top10 list for 2017, Salesforce has taken the #1 spot from Google Inc after reigning for the past six years in a row. Due to its huge commitment and support to provide a working environment that is unique and rewarding, they have certainly have earned the rank number one. Most of all they are open to new concepts and ideas with proper support in hopes to expand their learning and innovation to new things.

Lesson #1: Employers need to think about the employee growth together with the company growth. Provide training opportunities for your employees on product knowledge and it will boost productivity and skillset.

Company website:

Photo credit: Wegmans Food Market Facebook Page
Wegmans Food Market

Every employee at Wegmans is encouraged to make decisions that will enhance their work and benefit the company. Online training, workshops and talent development are one of the many benefits that are provided for their people. Additionally, employees are mentored by their senior leaders to develop a diverse representation for all levels in the organisation. 

Lesson #2: Respect everyone and treat them as if they will become better than you. Give respect to motivate your employees and they will do the same in return for you and your company.

Company website:

ultimate software
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Ultimate Software

Besides the plethora of company benefits that Ultimate could provide for their people. 100% medical coverage for employees and their family members is one of the best perks that any company could offer. Flexible work schedule and compressed work weeks are practised to instil a work-life balance among its employees.

Lesson #3: A flexible work timing helps to boost employee productivity in terms of comfort, creativity and attention to detail.

Company website: https://ultimate 

boston consulting group
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Boston Consulting Group

As one of the world’s leading consulting firms, equality of opportunity is highly valued by the company. On-the-job coaching, dedicated training sessions and personalised mentorship are provided to help with the development of their employees. To close the gap with their clients, BCG  incorporates multi-disciplinary, dynamic and supportive teams to reach their goals.

Lesson #4: Communication with the managers is essential to provide guidance and support by keeping employees on the right track.

Company website:

edward jones
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Edward Jones

Listed for the 6th time at the Fortune 500, Edward Jones financial services firm is still going strong by serving their clients through a trusted relationship. Thanks to the people that spend extended hours to achieve the company business goals. Employees are rewarded equally for their extra effort with bonuses, family retreats and community outreach events.

Lesson #5: Teamwork is the key to success for the development of any company. 

Company website:


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Photo credit: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Facebook Page
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Founded since 1981, Kimpton is currently operating with 61 boutique hotels and 55 chef-driven restaurants, lounges and bars in 35 cities across the U.S. Besides the hotel and restaurant discount and perks. The Employee Assistance Program has provided an substantial support to employees in dealing with personal issues that may affect their performance at work. There is no surprise that Kimpton has been listed nine times at FORTUNE as the best companies to work for.

Lesson #6: Feedback from employees is necessary for showing you the way on how to improve the company and its business.

Company website:


Photo credit: Workday Facebook Page

With over 96% per cent of employees rate their workplace as amazing. Workday certainly earns their place in Fortune’s best companies to work for. Offering vast lifestyle perks & benefits such as unlimited time off, discounted backup child and elder care and more to make their staffs lives easier. Integrity, innovation and fun is a core value that the company strive for to create an inspiring culture within its community. 

Lesson #7: Employ individuals based on their attitude more than their ability. Training can always be provided to sharpen their skills compared to attitude. 

Company website: https: //


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Ranked at the 20th last year, Genentech has seen a huge leap to the 6th rank this year. As the leading biotechnology company, each person has personally adopted a casually intense culture to build a lasting commitment to science. To reward their employees for their hard work and contributions, the perks that were rewarded is what sets the uniqueness of the workplace.

Lesson #8: Set yourself as a role model to your employees. Groom them to be better than you. Someday they will look back at your efforts and appreciate for what you have done for them.

Company website:


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At Hyatt, communication is the key focus to provide authenticity, transparency and vulnerability in the hospitality industry. From rest and relaxation lounges to healthy cost-effective meals, it shows that the company has placed their employees at utmost care. Formal programs such as resource groups are provided as well to support professional development across all groups of people regardless of race, gender and disabilities. 

Lesson #9: Invest your time to listen to your employee concerns and needs in regards to their work performance. Most importantly, seek out a solution to resolve any shortcomings between you or other employees.

Company website:

Photo credit: Kimley-Horn Facebook Page

At the full-service planning and design consulting firm, the opportunities are abundant for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. It allows them to innovate and adapt in the ever-evolving market to keep up with their competencies in their field. Aside from the year-end bonuses, training programs are offered to every employee from specialised tech training to leadership development skills.

Lesson #10: Understand the strengths of your employees in terms of knowledge, educations and skills. Learn to assign individuals to the tasks that they excel in.

Company website:

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