The 7 Worst Foods For Your Brain

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Without food, your brain would cease to function at its full capacity. The nutrients and energy from the food you consume will affect the chemical in your brain. Also known as neurotransmitters, they send signals across your body to function such as mood, appetite, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. According to researchers from Baycrest Health Sciences indicated that there is a connection between what you consume and memory cognition. Imagine if you consume foods that could negatively affect your brain. Severe effects can be detrimental towards your memory and mood. To help maintain a healthy brain and sharp mind, there are the 7 worst foods that you should refrain or at the very list limit them in your diet.


Diet Sodas and Sugary drinks

A widely known beverage globally, especially among people who enjoy sweet drinks. The negative effects of diet drinks and artificial sweeteners can be severe towards the brain. Excessive intake will increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The negative effects will impair memory strength which makes it harder to focus as well. Beet and carrot juices are the perfect remedy to improve and preserve your memory and various cognitive functions. Beet juice will help increase levels of nitric oxide which is good for blood flow and reduce the risk of dementia. Carrot juice contains high levels of beta-carotene that reduces inflammation which could lead to brain deterioration.


Canned Tuna

Despite being a good source of nutrients for your brain and heart. But overconsumption could do more harm than good. Canned tuna contains various amounts of methylmercury which is a neurotoxin. Daily consumption will lead to long-term exposure to mercury which could lead to memory problems, fetal brain damage during pregnancy and various health complications. Instead of consuming a single type of fish, opt for anchovies, salmon or trout for your dietary needs. As they do provide similar nutrients for the brain without risking the exposure to the excess neurotoxin.


Soy Products

Consuming tofu, soy sauce and various soy foods could potentially lead to brain damage as it contains anti-nutrients which are a known natural toxin. Frequent consumption of salt will lead to electrolyte imbalance and moderate dehydration which can affect the brain cognitive function. Eventhough soy products do provide the essential vitamins and minerals to combat chronic disease. As all foods go, moderation is the best approach with three to five serving per week is generally considered as nominal.



There are red meats that have high levels of saturated fat which could raise blood cholesterol which not only increases the risk of heart disease. Development of Alzheimer’s Diseases can be associated with consuming saturated fats which could severely affect cognitive function as well. Eventhough red meat provides protein that helps with growing bones and muscles. A balanced intake is essential together with other foods such as fruits and vegetables.


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Frozen Food

At times when we don’t have the time to cook food, we opt with frozen food instead. Despite its convenience, quick and easy serving they are not particularly a good food for your brain. Especially when it comes to the frozen pie, pizza and even ice-cream which contains high levels of hydrogenated oil. It would lead to the deterioration of cognitive abilities which may severely cause brain shrinkage. Even a cup of ice cream which contains saturated fats and sugar-rich diets can decrease your cognitive skills and verbal memory.


White Rice

There are high carbs food containing high glycemic index known for increasing the risk of depression and various mental problems. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015, females who consume more high carb foods like white rice, white bread and potatoes are susceptible to depression. Compared to those who consume lactose, fibre and vegetables have shown fewer signs of depression.


Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is linked to causing various cognitive changes such as loss of social functions, abnormal thinking and poor decision-making without any long-term effects. Recent studies from the British Medical. Journal have shown that even moderate drinking will cause brain damage including hippocampal atrophy(Alzheimer’s disease). Despite the risk is not as critical compared to heavy drinkers that lead to increased risk of dementia and various health complications.

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