10 Christmas Activities For Your Office Party

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Having Christmas activities in the office is a great way to appreciate everyone’s hard work and contribution. All you need to arrange is the food, venue and most importantly coming up with enjoyable activities for everyone. Here is a list of exciting bonding games and activities that you should experience at your office Christmas party.

10 Christmas Activities For Your Office Party

1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Get matched with other employees to receive a surprise gift from colleagues. Participants can purchase any gifts with a minimum price limit of RM50. Ensure the gift exchange date is set before employees are on leave for holidays.


2. Christmas Movie Guessing Game

Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Die Hard, The Grinch and more! Time to put your employees’ knowledge to the test by guessing the movie. Winner with most guesses will become the expert movie buff.


3. Paper Plate Game

One pen and a paper plate that is all you need to run this game. Participants will be instructed to draw an object with a plate placed on top of the person’s head. Let’s see who brings out their best creativity in the game.


4. Christmas Carol Singing Competition

It’s time to band in together and compete in a singing competition. Participants that receive highest marks from appointed judges will win the title for best “Christmas Carol.”


10 Christmas Activities For Your Office Party

5. Christmas Potluck Lunch

Instead of having your company supplying catered feasts, provide employees with the opportunity to show their culinary skills. Get a list down and display it so employees can bring their very own home-cook foods to share.


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6. Christmas Tree Cosplay Competition

Get everyone together in teams to dress up one of their members as a Christmas tree. You can provide a few tools and Christmas ornaments to the participants. Who will win the most outstanding Christmas outfit?


7. Christmas Special Charades Game

Get all your employees to hook up with a game of charades as participants take turns pantomiming. The first person that gets to guess it will receive a reward! You can adopt Christmas phrases from songs, items or an action in the charade list.


10 Christmas Activities For Your Office Party

8. Christmas Photoshoot Booth

Buy some Christmas props for some fun and casual photo shoot during the party. Notable props such as Santa beard, Santa hat, Reindeer antlers can be attached with a stick to hold for the photoshoot. 


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9. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Provide a list of clues for the Christmas item that you want your employees to find. Similar to your usual treasure hunt, you can adopt various challenges such as word jumbles, cryptograms, or deciphering clues in a different language that participants are not familiar with. Most importantly, set a timer to determine which team finds the treasure first.


10. What’s On Your Phone Christmas Special

Get everyone scrambling to find Christmas themes on his or her phones. A checklist will be provided for participants to mark each item that they found in their phone. A set amount of time will be given. Participants with most check marks will be the winner!


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