6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

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Time to bring up the Christmas mood by making your workplace merrier and brighter. Decorating the office can also be a great team bonding moment while making your workspace livelier for Christmas. Since you are spending 8 working hours daily, why not make your workplace a holiday season every day. Here are some decoration ideas and inspiration to make your office merrier.

6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

1. Place a string of lights or garlands

Several strands of coloured lights will be the perfect setting to brighten up the office. They are easy to hang and matches any Christmas decor you wish to either hang up or down. White lights project a subtle glow, giving a warmer scene in the office. It’s best to unplug them if the office is close to avoid the risk of fire hazard. You can string them along the top of the cubicle dividers as well. Garlands are a good alternative to add a holiday flair while grabbing the attention of your colleagues. 

6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

2. Deck out your desk space with decorations

Get yourself a mini Christmas tree to display on your desk. An artificial tree will suffice compared to getting a real one considering it would be costly. You can put up lights, ornaments and other decorations to surround your Christmas tree. Just don’t let your decorations take over your neighbour’s desk space. You can choose to display a Christmas tree by hanging on your door, wall or the window as well. Attach it with a removable adhesive hook to prevent from damaging the office walls or windows. 


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6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

3. Cover your cubicle walls in Christmas wrapping paper

Blanketing your cubicle with stripes of colours can change your workspace from looking dull to lively. Unlike wrapping a present, covering up your cubicle with wrapping paper will take a little more of your time and dedication.If your colleagues don’t mind, you can do a favour for them as well with the wrapping.

6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

4. Pinup Christmas stocking

Suggest pin or hang a stocking for every member of your team. Slipping in some surprise gifts for everyone before Christmas will brighten up the mood. Small offerings can be in the form of sweets, chocolates or even some Christmas merchandise will do. It is best to place the socks in an area where people will most likely walk by and see them.

6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

5.Display Greeting Cards

You may have received holiday cards from your colleagues, clients or customers. Instead of putting them aside, you can display them by hanging or pinning on the cubicle walls to show your appreciation.


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6 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Workspace

6. Strung ornaments or paper snowflakes on the ceiling

You can suspend ornaments by attaching a long strip of ribbon. It is best to hang the decorations by tucking them under the ceiling tiles in an office. Alternatively, you can attach them with a clear tape instead.


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