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Not feeling any positive vibes at work during the year 2018? Perhaps it’s time to adopt feng shui elements to help attract positive energy at work. Having good feng shui does not necessarily mean your desk has to look good. Having a visually appealing and well-designed work desk will not help if it misses all the feng shui elements. Now let’s find out how to integrate feng shui on your desk!

Office Desk Feng Shui 101

Desk size, material and colour are all key roles in business outcomes. For the best result, the desk should be large enough to provide a comfortable working space. The first step is to have a decently-sized desk which signifies control and authority. The shape of the desk is the first criteria in the feng shui principle, a typical rectangular desk shape is perfect for building up growth and expansion. For a curved or round desk is suited for producing creative ideas and promote a free flow of energy. Desks that are round, oval or square shapes are the least preferred. Square shapes generate the energy of stagnation but can be beneficial for individuals who need to get more focus and concentration.

The desk material is the second criteria in the feng shui principle. The key element is to have the properties of wood at your desk. A wooden desk will the best choice to attract natural energy to your space. A glass desk allows the energy to flow really fast and will require plants to substitute as a wood element to draw in solid energy. A laminate desk only can draw in passive energy only when it is complement with other appropriate feng shui elements.

For the third criteria, colour is highly significant and the easiest way to draw in energy. Each colour signifies a specific feng shui element such as:

Yellow/Fire or Earth Element – Sunny, Nourishing, Happy, Uplifting

Red/Fire Element – Passion, Courage, Joy, Excitement

Green/Wood Element – Growth, Health, Vibrancy

Orange/Fire Element – Social, Open, Optimistic, Lively

White/Metal Element – Innocence, Fresh, Purity

Blue/Water Element – Calm, Tranquility, Peace

Gray/Metal Element – Clear, Detached, Neutral

Purple/Fire Element – Royal, Mysterious, Noble, Vibrant

Pink/Fire Element – Gentle, Soothing, Loving

Black/Water Element – Infinite, Absorbing, Depth, Strength, Space

Brown/Wood Element – Strength, Grounding, Stability

A desk can be composed of different materials, for instance, a wooden desk with metal legs or a mix of several colours. Hence you will need to decide which feng shui elements is a necessity and how to complement it accordingly.

Laying out your Feng Shui Desk

To get started with the arrangement, a Bagua map will be a handy tool. It’s a nine-part grid displaying the different segments of space and how you can correspond to various areas of life. Once applied to an area, each sector aligns with a different aspiration like your career, wisdom, family, etc. If you wish to focus largely on your career, you will need to place elements on relevant sections.

Bear in mind to keep your desk 50% clear and tuck away any cords from the top deck desk. Your desk position does make a difference as well. Based on the feng shui, your chair should face the door which symbolises the ability to see career opportunities. If you are working in an open office, you should avoid sitting back to back or face to face. A partition, barrier, plant or even a computer monitor can mitigate this setback as long it is set up high enough.

Now imagine your desk is divided into a nine-part grid. Select several sections of your life that you wish to boost and exercise the following tips to attract positive energy to those areas.

1. Wealth and Prosperity – Purple Colour, Back Left Corner

Focus on this area to attract money and abundance. It’s the perfect spot to place a plant or a computer/laptop.

2. Fame and Reputation – Red Colour, Back Centre

In the centre back, you can acquire fame. Consider placing business cards or a nameplate. Motivational images, lights or candles are good substitutes to highlight who you are and your achievements.

3. Love and Relationship – Pink Colour, Back Right Corner

Looking to foster a relationship or strengthen the bonds with your loved ones? Place family photos for your loved ones or a fresh flower which can increase your luck and spark potential romances.

4. Family and Community – Green Colour, Centre Left Corner

A desktop wallpaper or background picture will fit the feng shui principles. A wooden frame family photo complements well with the wood element to draw positive energy of this particular space.

5. Health – Yellow Colour, Centre

There are various ways to promote health even if you are at work. Ensure the centre area of your desk is clutter free to attract positive energy. Take a short break or a quick exercise can help with reducing stress and maintaining focus will help as well.

6. Creativity – Yellow Colour, Centre Right Corner

Improve your creativity by including inspirations to the right centre of your desk. For writers, consider placing a journal or a book. A sketchbook will be suited for artists whereas any metal object will work wonders for other professions.

7. Knowledge and Wisdom – Blue Colour, Front Left Corner 

Having a hard time learning new things? Place a learning material, anything that you wanted to learn at the front left corner of the desk.

8. Career and Life Purpose – Black Colour, Front Centre

Ensure this place is free of clutter and you can choose to display an inspiring quote, picture or a goal that you wish to achieve.

9. Helpful People and Travel – White Colour, Front Right Corner

If you require a helping hand from your friends or colleagues, focus on the front right section by placing your phone. This section also represents travel, you can consider placing a travel guide note or a picture of your ideal vacation spot.

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