5 Ways to Handle Being Denied A Raise Or Promotion

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It can be disappointing for getting passed over for a raise or promotion even if you believe that you deserved it. The truth is not everything will always go to plan and it is not the end of the line. You will need to learn how to handle rejections and keep your composure together. Instead of venting out your frustration, plan on how to get your next raise or promotion.


1.Express your gratitude towards your manager

Take your time to process your thoughts before genuinely thank your boss for taking the opportunity to consider your proposition. It may not be easy to express it after knowing that you won’t be receiving a promotion or raise. It is a necessary gesture that will make a positive impression of your manager.


2.Open to feedback and criticism

Being open to receiving feedback and criticism is important at work. Getting the most out of the discussion can be beneficial and your manager will be more truthful to you. Having a forward-thinking mindset will show that you are prepared to move on to grow and work harder. Listen without being judgemental and take a note down on every feedback. Through the feedbacks, you can set actionable goals to improve yourself and resolve any setbacks.


3. Come up with a game plan

Now that you have feedbacks and criticisms on your hand. It’s time to map out a plan for your career. Instead of setting up a long-term plan, establish short-term goals that you can achieve within half a year. Try to set your goals the “SMART” way:

-Specific: Identify your goal clearly and specifically

-Measurable: Include clear benchmarks to determine development and success

-Attainable: The goal should have a 50 per cent or greater chance of success.

-Relevant: The goal is essential and applicable to you.

-Time-bound: Commit to a particular timeframe.


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4. Focus on your career goals

If you are focusing on a single goal, you might need to take a time-out from the rest of your goals that you are currently pursuing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself a moment to relax before getting back up to speed. Remember, it takes time and dedication to make progress.


5. You have a choice

Having your raise or promotion denied should not be the answer for you to quit a job. Perhaps you will find more success in a different workplace. It’s your choice to make if you wish to move on. Proof yourself that you excel in your job and a great team player. If all goes well, you will strike another opportunity to climb the corporate ladder.


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