Top 10 Key Attributes That Employers Seek When Hiring Fresh Graduates

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Fresh graduates who display qualities of being capable of solving problems, work well with others are more likely to be favoured by employers.

This is a good indicator in displaying the importance of developing future leaders, according to this study shows that employers are looking for graduates that excel in problem-solving skills(82.9%) and the ability to work in a team(82.9%).

When employers are surveyed with choosing between two qualified candidates, the majority of the respondents emphasise that problem solving and team-work are equally important.Co

Communication skills(Written) are featured next on the list of hiring priorities(80.3%), followed by leadership and strong work ethic.

The following list is the top 10 key attributes of what employers are searching for in a graduate’s resume:

  1. Problem-solving skills: 82.9%
  2. Ability to work in a team: 82.9%
  3. Communication skills(Written): 80.3%
  4. Leadership: 72.6%
  5. Strong work ethic: 68.4%
  6. Analytical/Quantitative skills: 67.5%
  7. Communication skills(Verbal): 67.5%
  8. Initiative: 67.5%
  9. Detail-oriented: 64.1%
  10. Flexibility/Adaptability: 60.7%


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