The Ultimate Body Language and Confidence Tips for Success

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Remember that one person at your office that never fails to capture your attention and leave a good attention? It might just be your manager, your boss or maybe one of your team members. Despite who they are, people who steal the spotlight in a workplace usually have one thing in common: confidence. 

It may be the experience have had, maybe it’s just the way they speak, or it certainly may be the way their body talks. Body language is one of the key elements of projecting confidence in the workplace and also outside of it. So here are 5 tips on appearing confident and mastering your body language at work:

1. Eye Contact


People love being listened to, but what people love more is being addressed and paid attention to. Maintaining the right amount of eye contact, especially when the other person is speaking acts as one of the easiest ways of leaving a positive impression on whoever you’re speaking to. However, do keep in mind that there’s a thin line between maintaining eye contact and creeping someone out. 


2. Use Your Hands 


After reading tons of articles and books about body language and confidence, you would probably know by now that humans are visual creatures. So the next time you present in one of your regular office meetings, incorporate hand gestures to go along with your speech. Hand gestures while speaking tend to make talking atmosphere more lively and active. Not only will your audience be grateful for livening up the room with your gestures, they will also remember more on what you’ve said as hand gestures also helps deliver your point quickly.


3. Stop Fidgeting



Although it is well understood that fidgeting comes with a prolonged period of sitting, know that it will not only portray mental distress but also the lack of confidence. Also keep in mind that playing with your fingers, and puckering or sucking in your lips are one of the gestures that displays a high level of anxiety, therefore making the talking atmosphere less interactive.


4. S-M-I-L-E


Notice that Ryan Reynolds smile up there? Well, now you have to avoid it and go for a genuine smile instead. Smile in a body language is a very equivocal thing as smiling triggers another smile in return. And with it, a positive, lasting impression. What’s even better is that a smile changes even your own emotional state in a positive way. 

5. Power Pose


According to researchers, sitting or standing a certain way causes chemical changes in your body. What way? Generally, taking up more space exudes confidence whereas confining yourself to a small area takes away from your confidence as well as from your colleagues’ perception of you. 

Implementing any one of these changes can have a meaningful impact on how you’re seen by your co-workers. On top of that, remember that body language works both ways – changing your attitude changes your body language, but changing your body language also changes your attitude. 


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