Benefits of Working At Big 4 Accounting Firms

Benefits of Working At Big 4 Accounting Firms

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The Big 4 Firms of accounting and audit are the dream for many aspiring accountants for their career path. Deloitte, EY (Ernst & Young), PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and KPMG are well known for its vast resources to refine their employees to improve the company’s services while. If you are looking to learn from the best, the Big 4 is definitely the go-to route for your career.


1. Rapid development in skills and expertise

Resources are provided to in-house training for junior and senior accountants. The training provided by learning partners regarded as some of the best sources available. For new hires, a week or two training and online webinars are offered. These programs are covered by the firms and most helpful for career development as well as fulfilling the CPE requirements. The learning curve is steep and opportunities are limitless if you wish to truly excel and grow your career. For example at Deloitte, you can earn a certification course from Harvard Business Publishing, Skillsoft or getAbstract.


2.Working with Big Clients that are high ranking, including executives

You will gain a lot of exposure as a first-year associate in the big firm. The Big 4 firms work with the top companies in the world where you will be able to engage with mid and upper management. The size and the quality of the client base are unrivalled. The opportunity to manage complex situations and learning how to deal with them with support from seniors will help you to grow your understanding of the industry.
As you make progress, you will be involved with companies from various industries. International opportunities are offered as well if you wish to take your skills and apply them to other countries. If you excel at work and people generally enjoy working with you, your career within the firm can be tailored to advance towards a specialised industry.


3. Work with the best individuals in accounting

The opportunity to work with accounting specialist and practitioners can serve as examples and mentors for your career. Working with highly motivated and smart individuals can be challenging and satisfying that comes from a job well done. Most of the work habits and ways of doing business can be observed for you to adopt and retain for the rest of your career.


4. A fast track towards career promotion

Starting your career at the Big 4 puts you on a good start while maintaining your career momentum. Having 2-3 years of work experience in the Big 4 can land you from a junior to a senior position. The more relevant experience and contribution you can bring to the table, the more valuable you are to an employer. The business model of Big 4 firms centres around in providing career advancements to high performers. Over time you will find yourself leading audit or tax teams and this is a valuable experience that you cannot easily find out there.


5.Exclusive industry insights

Big 4 firms provide internal newsletters to their employees which gives insights on the happenings in the industry. News such as what is the firm currently doing, what other firms are planning to do and how your firm is trying to be ahead in the industry are shared around the firm. Some of the insights circulated came from industry wise risk assessment profile and industry wise procedures or solutions to key complexities.


6.Looks good on your resume

The Big 4 firms command respect across all industries and countries in the world. Having any of the Big 4 firms on your resume is a huge boost for your career. Any prospective employers that seen your resume will be an instant credibility indicator that you are a capable and hard-working individual.


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