The 5 Most Stressful Professions in Malaysia 2019

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Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation at your job? Perhaps it could be due to workload, chasing datelines or struggling to work with your colleagues. Stress and career tend to go hand in hand, yet your profession may not be as worse as these 5 most stressful positions in Malaysia.



1.Healthcare Specialist

It is no surprise that the healthcare industry is regarded as one of the most stressful jobs. Healthcare professionals are tasked with life or death and emotional situations with the patients and their loved ones. From registered nurses, physicians, surgeon to emergency medical technicians all these jobs are stressful while they must maintain a positive attitude and attention to taking care of patients.



2.Commercial Airline Pilot

The stress from this job does not exactly come from actually navigating the plane. One of the biggest factors is dealing with work schedules. Receiving an assignment at any given time such as changing overnights, last minute crew member assignment and extensions can be frustrating. Coordinating with dispatch, work maintenance, operations, air traffic control and passengers are some major management duties assigned to a pilot. Time zone changes can also be one of the biggest stressors in this line of work. Some of the ad-hoc tasks include visually inspecting the aircraft, flight-planning, weather forecast, fuel calculations are also part of the responsibility as an airline pilot.



3.Customer Sevice Executive

Customer service jobs can be dreadful when coupled with the long working shifts while having to take on customer’s complaints on every possible issue every day. Besides checking in a specific number of calls or emails, you will need to deal with unrealistic expectations while ensuring yourself to comply with the company policy when it comes to dealing with customers. The basic salary for a customer service field less and the job security rest entirely upon the individual’s performance to achieve a personal target.



4.Software Engineering

The software world can be complicated and demanding as tech companies push on to innovate new technologies. Software creation is a mental activity, most people would consider writing code as a piece of cake but to figure out the solutions is the hard part. Despite being a lucrative job, the tech industry is fast-paced which leads to constant pressure from the upper management to ensure projects are completed on time.




There is much more than teaching academic lessons as teachers are also responsible for managing the classroom and monitoring students. Meetings, training, student performance review are some of the many responsibilities that as a teacher need to juggle in their career.


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