5 Cities to Work Abroad in 2020

5 Cities to Work Abroad in 2020

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Looking for a career change in the new year? Perhaps you should consider taking your career journey to a different country instead. The ideal life of living and working overseas is reachable with language, travel and foreign barriers being less restrained every year. But what truly defines as a better career for you? Besides all the career factors to consider, your personal preference should be considered as well. To have a better outlook on which country is the best place to work and live, here is our take on some of the best countries in the world that you should consider working abroad.



Taipei is regarded as the best city in the world to work abroad and has a low unemployment rate of 3.71%, which presents job opportunities for anyone. As the 7th largest economy in Asia, salaries are pretty high compared to the cost of living. That includes expenditure for food, transportation and housing. Taiwan’s culture throughout the years has been heavily influenced by other Asian countries which makes Taiwan an intriguing country to live and work. Moreover, Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world due to low rates of violence and crime.


Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the least expensive cities to live in the world. Besides the exceptionally manageable cost of living, the locals are friendly, tolerant and welcoming. The work-life balance is not as demanding in other Asian and Western countries, but the outlook will still depend on the job you are looking to land. You will find that most locals in the urban city can converse in English, which is very convenient for those who can’t speak Vietnamese.



Known as the hub of knowledge, high-tech and culture where thousands of people from around the world move to the city every year. French and English are the main languages spoken in the city so if you are bilingual, you would do great. Compared to most western countries, the rental prices are cheaper if you are looking for simple living space. The public transit is one of the best in the world where the metro is mostly on-point which makes travelling a breeze in the city.



Regarded as one of the cities with the best health and well-being in the world due to the excellent climate setting. Coupled with a great working life in the city makes it one of the most desired city to stay by expats. The cost of living in the city is relatively low compared to other European countries despite the level of income is comparatively lower. While most of the basics such as accommodation, food, transport and utilities will cost less, most expats will have the option to purchase a low-cost property which is not a privilege in other European countries.



As one of the most famous destinations for expats, the cosmopolitan environment and ideal location by the Mediterranean Sea, makes its one of the best places to look for career opportunities. While Spanish is the main language spoken in the city, there are plenty of opportunities for any expats as long as they are fluent in English. The work-life balance in Barcelona is above average, compared to most European cities but the good weather, great healthcare system, and low cost of living make up for it. 


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