What Is An Objective Statement On A Resume?

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Objective Statement summarises that your skills and experiences are aligned with the requirements of the job position. This short paragraph essentially tells your potential employers about your career goals and the essential skills required for the application. If you’re not sure whether it’s necessary to include an objective statement on your resume, here is a breakdown to determine it.

Points to Consider adding Objective Statement

If you think that your resume is lacking enough details and you are not able to build it further, adding an objective statement can enhance it without the need to add unnecessary or irrelevant details. If you already include an Objective Statement and you are still finding difficulty for more room, it is best to consider removing it entirely from the resume. Besides that, if your resume is comprehensive enough and adding an Objective Statement would cause you to write two pages or require you to remove essential details, it is best not to include it. Keep in mind that your Objective Statement has to be concise and to the point with no unnecessary details added into your resume. The purpose is to simply state your objective as to why you are providing your resume.

When to use an Objective Statement

One of the best opportunities to use an Objective Statement is during career fairs or recruiting events where your resume is being physically handed to hiring companies. Having a statement that clearly states what you are looking for in your resume will be useful when it is reviewed at a later time. If you successfully make a good first impression on-site, hiring representatives will clearly remember you but it would be hard for them to distinguish resume on paper and relate faces to them. It’s also difficult for hiring representatives to recall if you are searching for an internship or a full-time job, or a starting date. Every company has different hiring necessities based on the industry and start date, so it can be beneficial to include your Objective Statement on your resume. 

If you are emailing your resume to the company, you need to ensure that unless you are directly sending to a recruiter in the HR department, your information can get lost in the transfer or overlooked. Adding an objective statement on your resume and attaching them on your follow-up email can help ensure that the hiring company is on the same page. Most hiring companies receive lots of emails and they may not have the time to follow-up with every query.

What if you are handing over your resume to an acquaintance to pass it along to someone you have not met before? Unless you are physically handing your resume over to a person that will be passing it on to another hiring company or recruiter that you have not personally met. It’s essential to include your Objective Statement on your resume to ensure that the receiver knows exactly what you are searching for and does not overlook it. 

When you should not use an Objective Statement

If you are applying directly for the job position, then the hiring representative already knows everything that you would be including in an Objective Statement. From this point on, it would be redundant and distracting from the rest of your resume. Moreover, if you already have included your Cover Letter together with the resume, it would be redundant to include your Objective Statement as well. 

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