Survey shows that work from home stressful for most

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Extended working hours was a major grievance, with 60% claiming to have worked for more than their usual office hours and 75% complained of increased workload.

Leave denied

Employees also face difficulties in getting leaves as companies usually question the need for leaves when they were already at home. 

Health concerns marked the work-from-home arrangement for most employees with 28% complaining of frequent headaches, 41% of back pain and nearly 61% of sleep disorders.

While 58% noticed considerable decrease in their me time, 43% said they spent quality time with their families.

Personal expenses

It also called for a suitable solution to compensate for the inevitable personal expenses of employees while working from home. Employers have been urged to develop various online recreational or leisure activities to engage, refresh and motivate employees.

A proper support system and regular participatory feedback process establishing a solid two-way communication link was another recommendation.

A sustainable and comprehensive pay structure is important, specifically for employees working from home. It also means a suitable work schedule will ensure work-life balance of the employee without compromising on productivity. 

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