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Top 7 Highest Paying Retail Jobs in 2022

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What are retail jobs? Any professional who helps consumers get those products or services is in a retail job. This includes anyone from grocery store cashiers to commissioned fine art sellers to infomercial phone line operators and beyond. Additionally, it can cover a range of support staff, such as stockers and warehouse workers, as well as multiple tiers of management.

The median hourly wage for retail sales work is RM10.07/hour. But the best retail jobs can offer salaries far beyond that. Sometimes, a retailer simply goes above and beyond for their employees, offering industry-leading compensation. At times, it’s the fact that the position requires some retail know-how and experience, essentially representing an upper-level role in the sector.

If you want to land one of the highest paying retail jobs, here are some options to keep on your radar:

1. Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant jobs

Beauty consultants don’t just sell products to customers. Instead, they go beyond the basics, helping customers choose the right options and, at times, even handling some mini makeovers along the way.

Along with a high amount of product knowledge, you also need the ability to demonstrate how various items are used.In exchange, an above-average retail pay rate of RM20,198/year is certainly possible.

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2. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Part retail job, part medical job, pharmacy technicians help patients get their prescriptions. Along with dispensing medication under the guidance of the pharmacist, they typically have cashiering and customer service responsibilities.

Demand for pharmacy technicians is on the rise. Along the way, you could make around RM23,950 a year with relative ease. If you work your way up, a salary above RM49,130 is certainly possible.

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3. Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service Supervisor

As a customer service supervisor, you are in a front-line management position. Along with guiding a team of customer service representatives, duties typically include addressing customer issues that have been elevated beyond the first support tier.

In many cases, this position is a gateway to management, making it one of the best retail jobs for moving up. Plus, it comes with a salary of about RM26,000 a year, though some top earners bring in more than RM78,000.

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4. Store Manager

Store Manager

As a store manager, your job is to oversee the operations of a single location. Usually, you’ll have duties in several areas, including hiring, training, and supervising employees, handling budgets, maintaining records, and managing all core activities.

Generally speaking, retail store managers earn an average of RM32,000 a year. However, the top 10 percent bring in more than RM82,000 annually.

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5. Cashier


A cashier doesn’t have the best-paying retail job, but it’s one where there are no formal educational requirements for new hires. You can apply online at most major retailers, and on-the-job training is provided. Opportunities are available at department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail establishments.

Many jobs are part-time, though some employers offer benefits. The median pay for cashiers at RM7.78 per hour.

6. Retail Sales

Retail Sales

Retail sales is a high employment occupation, it isn’t a high-paying job when you look at the average hourly rate, but there may be opportunities to earn commissions. Commissions can add up when you’re selling high-ticket items like furniture, appliances, or automobiles.

The retail sales basic earned an average of RM15.70 per hour. The trend towards higher minimum wages by law in many states is likely to boost the average wage in the coming years. 

7. Retail Franchise Owner

Retail Franchise Owner

When it comes to the highest-paying retail jobs, being a franchise owner is one of the most lucrative options. In that role, you invest money to open a specific kind of chain retail location, allowing you to operate under the name of a well-known brand while maintaining a significant amount of operational control.

In some cases, franchise owners have little to nothing to do with day-to-day operations. Once they hire managers to run the location, they may be fairly hands-off. However, some franchise owners choose to remain highly involved, even acting as managers or entirely running the business.

How much you can earn varies dramatically depending on the niche, brand, your location, market saturation in the operating area, and more. That makes it hard to get a solid number of how much you could earn in the role.

Putting It All Together

All of the positions above qualify as some of the highest-paying retail jobs around. In some cases, you can start in the roles. In others, you can work your way up with time, potentially without a college education.

Ultimately, the retail sector can have a lot to offer. If you’re interested in the industry, use this information as a guide. That way, you can land a lucrative position, ensuring you can make ends meet now and down the line.

Good luck!

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