5 Humanistic Jobs You Can Do to Change Someone’s Life

5 Humanistic Jobs You Can Do to Change Someone’s Life

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If you choose humanistic job, make sure to always keep learning, because the stakes are higher when your job has a huge impact on someone’s life.

We all want work, and we want fulfilling work. Fulfillment in work looks different for everyone. Creativity, working with people, and dynamic work are all aspects of fulfilling work. If you have a strong desire to help other people lead better lives and helping others fulfills you, maybe it’s time to consider a different profession. Together, we will be looking at 5 jobs you can do that can change someone’s life!

1.     Being a Doctor

Doctor is a humanistic job. A doctor is experienced, knowledgeable, and has the certifications to practice medicine and assist people in maintaining or improving their physical and mental health.

They are the (often unsung) heroes of our day and age, and if you decide to become one, know that you are making a choice that helps you live a good life but also helps the world at large. You could do this by being a:

●      Cardiologist

A cardiologist is an expert on the heart and blood vessels who can assist and treat patients suffering from heart failure, high blood pressure, or a heart attack.

●      Family physician

A family physician is a specialist who cares for the family and gives continuing comprehensive medical care to each member of the family, regardless of any social characteristics.

●      Neurologist

This is a brain specialist who treats disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, such as strokes, headache disorders, infections of the brain, etc.

●      Oncologist

An oncologist is a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care to someone who is diagnosed with cancer.

There are many more types of doctors, and whichever one you choose, know that you will be making a difference.

2.     Teaching

We’ve all had teachers who have influenced us and the choices we make. The right teacher can encourage someone from chasing their dreams and living up to their full potential. Likewise, the wrong teacher can have a negative impact and make their student feel discouraged from chasing their dreams.

If you want to become a teacher, it is important to recognize the huge impact you have on your students’ lives and also what field of teaching best interests you.

●      Arts

Do you have an innate understanding of human creativity and want to help students reach their creative potential? Then a career as an art teacher can be the best choice for you. You could help create the next big name in the art world!

●      STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the four pillars of our progression as a society. Without these fields, many modern inventions would not exist. Being a teacher in STEM ensures you are helping the world progress.

●      Social Studies

If you’ve always been interested in social issues and want to teach people either about the history of our societies, the ways in which society is organized, roots of injustice and discrimination, then you might fit the bill to be a Social Studies teacher! In this way, you are helping people become aware of the way society works, and who knows, you might inspire someone to become a changemaker in their community or even the world!

●      Music

Everybody loves music! It’s a healthy distraction from our dynamic lives, and sometimes the only good thing on a bad day. What if your student becomes a musician that lifts people’s spirits when they listen to their music?

There is nothing quite like witnessing a student having that a-ha moment where they finally understand something you’ve been explaining. Having a passion for teaching is one of the best indicators that this is the job for you. It’s important for a teacher to keep learning and constantly undergo professional development, as it has been proven to have a positive impact on improving teaching practice.

3.     Nursing

Nurses are the backbone of a good healthcare system. Often overlooked, they are key to providing special care for patients.

A career in nursing means working directly with patients and ensuring they have the best possible care. You could specialize in different fields, and be a:

  • children’s nurse,
  • mental health nurse,
  • adult nurse, etc…

Find the nursing field that you are most passionate about, become skilled in it and you cannot go wrong with choosing nursing as a career.

However, it is important to note that being a nurse comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is staying updated with the overwhelming flux of information in your field. This is why it’s important to stay educated, whether it’s through reading nursing literature at your local library, utilizing an online learning platform for medicine, or even looking at old textbooks for gaps in your knowledge.

4.      Social Work

Social workers engage people and societal structures in order to address life challenges and enhance well-being.

  • Combating homelessness,
  • Working on mental health issues,
  • Fighting discrimination,
  • Ensuring child safety, etc.

A good social worker can completely turn someone’s life around, and help them become a productive member of society. They act as a bridge between the client and society, helping bring the client from the margins of society, closer to the center.

5.      Mental Health Counsellor

Although physical health is important to address, the often invisible problem of mental health is just as important to deal with. Psychologists, mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers are just a few of the professions that actively work on improving people’s mental health.

Empowering someone to live their life in a way that brings them fulfillment is what motivates mental health practitioners to keep working and giving to their patients. If you want to help people in this way, then a career in mental health is the right choice for you.


Work can be tough, and it’s even tougher when you aren’t working on something you truly enjoy. If you have a strong desire to help people, it’s important to know what you’re passionate about and consider a career through which you can change someone’s life. We’ve listed 5 of them, but there are many more you could consider. If you choose a humanistic job, make sure to always keep learning, because the stakes are higher when your job has a big impact on someone’s life.

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