Social Media Careers: The Skills You Need, Where to Look, and Jobs to Consider

Social Media Careers: The Skills You Need, Where to Look, and Jobs to Consider

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Social media has rapidly become an integral part of marketing strategies in the digital world. In 2020, 83% of marketers leveraged social platforms for their campaigns – a number which is only expected to grow! The demand for dedicated professionals with expertise in social media management has also increased significantly, giving you an opportunity to explore thrilling career paths and practice your passion on a professional level.

Do you want to find out more? Let’s dive in to discover why you should take a career in social media, how to get started, and different social media jobs that you can consider, including the skills needed and where to find such jobs.

Why pursue a career in social media?

Social media marketing is an ever-growing industry, and a key element of digital presence in modern businesses. If you’re thinking about taking your talents to the social sphere, here are just a few reasons why now’s the perfect time.

First off – high job demand!

The market shows that companies rely on this form of reach more than ever before; they need individuals with expertise who can make sure their messages resonate within communities online. And happy news for those considering it as a career path: forecasts show no sign of any slow down anytime soon – so there will always be demand for savvy marketers!


Social media trends are always changing

As trends in social media are constantly evolving, digital marketers must stay ahead of the game by using innovative tactics and tools every day. The challenge is made even more exciting when you consider that each brand has a unique client base with its own set of needs.  In order to deliver effective content strategies that target specific audiences, creatives must constantly use a mix of video production, photography editing, persuasive communication techniques as well as marketing & advertising competencies. Those looking for an exciting way of working can opt for hybrid or remote roles and benefit from more flexibility without sacrificing job satisfaction. Thanks to its flexible nature though, social media is one career path where remote or hybrid working can become reality – so go forth and make all those digital connections!

How to get started in social media careers

Are you looking to make your mark in social media? Then having the right background and attitude is key! Employers will often be searching for passionate candidates with a solid understanding of marketing. To get started, put together an impressive portfolio showcasing your passion and enthusiasm as well as any relevant skills or experience that could give you an edge when applying. Finally – don’t forget to demonstrate potential: show them why this role was made for YOU! Here are some tips to help you get there:

  • Immerse yourself in the various social media platforms. Discover what appeals to different audiences and get comfortable with their preferred language.
  • Explore courses such as those on CMS or HTML design which will help you hone your skills further.
  • Consider observing successful campaigns from an analytical viewpoint; break them down into components like visuals, target market and objectives to gain valuable insights about how they were put together so that you can apply these strategies when crafting promos of your own!
  • Utilize your acquired tactics that can help you engage with followers and expand your reach. Leverage LinkedIn for professional development, as it’s an optimal platform to showcase accomplishments in the workplace while connecting with industry peers.
  • If available, offer up talents by helping small businesses related to your field or join corporate digital marketing efforts at work–two great ways of demonstrating proficiency!

social media positions

 Jobs to consider on social media

With so many social media job options out there, it’s important to know what skills are needed in order to make the right choice. From strategists and content writers, to designers and optimization experts – explore your career potential with this helpful guide of some common titles! Learn all about their responsibilities plus where you can find these positions up for grabs.

Social media manager

If you’re passionate about social media and looking to build a career, becoming a Social Media Manager could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll have the chance to provide direction, support & collaborate with your team on set goals – like creating content that engages an audience and responding positively (and promptly) to their comments. Plus by managing social media partnerships & analyzing data along the way you can help ensure effective strategies are employed in pursuit of success!

To be successful as a social media manager, you’ll need diverse abilities ranging from understanding multiple social channels to project management software and copywriting. Your search for the ideal opportunity should take place in several places; this includes well-known job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, professional networks such as LinkedIn, plus with individual companies directly.

Social media SEO specialist

This career entails using social media to increase search visibility and website ranking in the SERPs. This involves:

  • Creating content that is optimized for visibility and engagement requires collaboration with talented creators. To make sure the strategy works, targeted keywords are used to draw in viewers and calls-to-action entice them to take action.
  • Actively engaging followers on social media through conversations as well as captivating visuals like photos, videos,and compelling copy – communities thrive! SEO & keyword research ensure your messaging reaches its intended audience while insights gleaned from search query behavior can help determine what kind of content will be most successful when trying to capture an audience’s attention online.
  • Analyzing data such as website visits/page views per visit lets you know exactly how users interact with your digital properties so adjustments can be made accordingly..
  • Organizing and planning online marketing initiatives such as campaigns and paid ad placements on social media.

If you are an experienced digital marketer with a knack for utilizing search engine algorithms, data and analytics to optimize campaigns, then become a social media SEO specialist. From creating ad placements on various online platforms to understanding ranking methods in order to reach higher levels of success, this role requires critical thinking skills as well as proficiency in writing and communication coupled with basic technical programming abilities.

Moreover, being continuously eager about learning new techniques is essential now more than ever! You can explore the opportunities of working with a digital marketing agency or even consulting firms – the job postings can often be found on company websites but also online communities or job boards will come handy too!

Social media strategist

If you are the type of person who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment with lots of collaboration and communication, then social media strategy might be for you! Working as a strategist requires proficiency not only in developing strategic plans to help brands reach their goals, but also involves many other skill sets like copywriting, video production/editing skills. Analytical thinking is key here – strategists must monitor brand mentions to stay on top of the industry trends while tracking performance indicators that demonstrate success. Finally creativity will come into play when creating engaging content or fostering an online community around your client’s product or service.

Where can you find social media strategists’ jobs? LinkedIn is your to-go place for social media jobs. Other places that you can look at include your social networks, online job boards, and company websites. You can start being a social media strategist as a side hustle until you get the hang of it to turn it into a full-time business or job.

Community Manager

Being a social community manager requires an eye for detail and the ability to navigate conversations with finesse. It is essential in cultivating brand loyalty, as they can guide customers from prospects into passionate advocates. At its core, great community management ensures relevant discussions remain on-topic – allowing brands to stand out among their competitors. Main responsibilities include:

  • Building communities by planning engaging activities to attract target audiences.
  • Manage social media communities such as approving membership applications and removing individuals who act out of the code of conduct.
  • Engaging and interacting with audiences regularly.
  • Monitoring social media mentions.
  • Protecting community members by filtering offensive words, spammers, and trolls.
  • Ensuring quality social media posts by performing quality checks.

As a social media community manager, you’ll be expected to think critically and communicate tactfully when engaging with people of different personalities. Your ability to provide great customer care will set the foundation for success in this role – which calls for strong writing skills as well!

Those seeking out job opportunities should check online resources such as Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn or company websites directly.


With more businesses relying on social media to gain competitive advantage, having an expert eye and professional knowledge of how it works is becoming increasingly valuable. A career in this emerging field can be rewarding – both financially and professionally! If you’re curious about what the world of social media has to offer, there’s never been a better time than now to learn essential skills that will help you unlock its potential for lasting success.

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