First day at work: How to Make a Good Impression

First day at work: How to Make a Good Impression

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How to make a good impression when you are first day at your new job? Well, not every offices are created equally, hence there are plenty of changes to expect from your new job. Don’t let those unfamiliarities hinder your progress, there are some absolute ways that can help you stand out from the very first day.

Besides getting familiar with your job scope as well as the company background, it is important to also equip yourself with appropriate social skills and professional ethics to deal with various situations that may arise in the new office.

Here are the top 5 tips to help you make a good impression as a newbie.

Know when to observe and when to ask THE RIGHT questions

Generally, employers don’t expect the new hires to be 100% ready for the job on the first day. But it doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day going through the employee handbook over and over again.

To make the most of your first day, do take the time to learn from your colleagues or your leader some practical knowledge through observation, such as the proper workflow and how to respond to incoming calls. You can raise questions to clarify things that are relevant to your assigned tasks. When in doubt, you can always ask for advice from your peers.

Prior to your commencement day, list down the questions to ask based on your job descriptions, especially regarding the KPIs, just don’t ask the obvious questions or those that you can find out yourself. There are plenty of things that you will need to learn from on-the-job experience as you go.

Tip: Do keep a notebook with you at all time and restrain yourself from constantly checking your phone.

Get to know your team

If you are joining a big corporation with hundreds of employees, it may take awhile to talk to everyone personally, so start with your own team first.

Expressing your enthusiasm for the new job may just be the best way to resonate with the team. You should also mention your role while getting to know others’. But don’t get carried away with your talking and distract people from their work. Save the non-related matters like casual chit-chats for lunch time when you have a chance to mingle with everyone in the office.

Lunch times are the golden opportunities to make new friends. You can prepare a few icebreaker questions beforehand to avoid the awkward moments, for example, some random anecdotes or personal interests. Give yourself one to two weeks to blend in with the team.

Tip: Don’t immediately ask your new colleagues to add you on Facebook, establish real life connections first.

Adapt to the office culture

One of the main factors that directly affects your career satisfaction is the office culture. So don’t forget to observe the environment while settling in your new position. However strict or relax your company might be, you need to embrace it because that office is going to be your new home. As you get used to the ways people work, you can suggest improvement to make the workplace better later on.

Tip: If you are not comfortable with some rules, don’t hesitate to raise the concern to your manager before it becomes unbearable.

Show positive attitude

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh grad or a senior executive, a rule of thumb is to stay humble.

You can show your confidence but don’t be the I-can-do-it-all person in the office, not on your first day at least. During your onboarding session, there may be things that you’ve already known, but don’t interrupt the induction, it’s also to make sure that you are aware of the proper procedure.

It’s good to have a willingness to learn, and it’s better to set your own objectives when it comes to handling certain tasks. Just keep in mind that those goals should align with the company’s financial goals.

Tip: Don’t be scared to propose ideas while learning to handle criticism or even rejection.

Fully understand your responsibilities

Although you have already been told what is expected of you during the interview, it’s essential to review the actual job descriptions as the onboarding process goes.

If you lack the confidence to do something by yourself, be sure to request further guidance or training. You can also suggest to take on a different task that is not stated in the job scope if it’s your expertise.

Having a new job opens up a whole new chapter in your career, so be the best version of yourself on the very first day for a good start. Don’t forget that your likeability will help you to get along well with your new co-workers, which also warrants an enjoyable journey ahead.

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