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Education is a process of obtaining basic knowledge used to help us navigate life and contribute to society. It plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals, societies and the world. We, as humans, have achieved so much greatness in the name of knowledge. 

Education and knowledge have helped our society in becoming more modern and advanced for the next generation. 

Here are a few reasons why education is important:

1. Spreads Awareness

People tend to be misled by false beliefs and with this, it does more harm than good to society. Those who have adequate education would always be asking questions and will analyse all the scientific information given. With knowledge, we can reject false conspiracy theories and false beliefs because we look for logic and scientific reasoning. 

2. Lower Crime Rates

Providing proper learning materials for those in areas with high crime rates would lower the numbers significantly. This is because those educated can differentiate between what is legal and what is not. 

3. Self Improvement

Educated people tend to live longer as they are more aware of their health and what they must do to have a longer and better quality of life. According to research called The Effect of Educational Attainment on Adult Mortality in the United States, a 30-year-old man with tertiary education is expected to outlive a man of the same age but without education by 8 years. It helps people to understand the importance of proper nutrition and adequate exercise. 

4. Makes Us Productive

In this age where education and competition go hand in hand, educated folks would always strive to keep on learning regardless of their age. 

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5. Empowerment

Education has given so many opportunities for those who were oppressed to fight back. This is because it became their strength to retaliate against persecution. In countries where women are subjected to gender bias, knowledge has helped them stand up and take charge of their lives back. 

6. Higher Income

People with higher education and valuable experience are more likely to get high-paying jobs. Study hard, dedicate your time and effort to acquire knowledge and reach a high level of competence that will benefit you. Your university degrees will motivate a potential employer to choose you. 

7. Create Equal Opportunity

In a world where prejudice runs rampant, education may be the key to equality. This is because people with educational backgrounds are seen as equals in knowledge and competency. Also, educated people are more open-minded and are easier to get along with. 

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