5 Most Common Recruiting Challenges

5 Most Common Recruiting Challenges

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Nowadays, it is very hard recruiting people to work in a company. It’s getting worse as teams and funds get smaller, but the expected results stay the same.

Here are 5 the most common problems you might face when recruiting people for your job:

What is the one thing that gives you the most trouble when you hire people? It’s true that your answers might change depending on the size of the company you work for or the type of job you’re looking for. But most managers would focus on a few common problems when recruiting people.

1. Attracting the right candidates

If you’ve ever tried to find the right candidate in a pool of unfit applicants, you know you don’t have many choices. You’ll choose the best person you can find at the time, not the best person for the job. But the number of applicants isn’t always the most important thing. The best way to hire the right people is often from a smaller pool of more qualified individuals.

Tip: In your job ads, be clear about what is needed and briefly describe the role. Use a form with “knock-out” questions to directly address your most significant worries. For example, do you need a driver with a clean license? Ask candidates a yes/no question if they have one. It’s a quick way to eliminate people who don’t fit the job.

2. Engaging qualified candidates

Recruiters often keep in touch with promising candidates, which makes it harder for your email to stand out. Also, people with skills that are hard to find often look at more than one job offer simultaneously. It would be best to work harder to get candidates to choose your business over your competitors.

Before you reach out to inactive candidates, find out what drives them and makes them happy at work. Using this information, you can make your sourcing emails more personal by talking about what you can do for them instead of what they can do for your business.

5 Most Common Recruiting Challenges

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3. Hiring fast

Teams in charge of hiring want to hire as quickly as possible because empty roles cost money and slow down operations. Depending on your business, though, hiring someone can take a few months, which puts pressure on recruiters and frustrates hiring teams. Hiring someone may take a long time because there aren’t enough qualified individuals. The hiring process might take too long, or the hiring people might have trouble agreeing on what to do. This could cause the best candidates to find work elsewhere.

Tip: Look at your hiring process and ask yourself if you need all the steps. Are we looking for potential candidates in the right places? Do we chat quickly with each other and with candidates? With the help of recruiting data from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can answer these questions.

4. Building a strong employer brand

A good company brand helps you attract and maintain better people to work for you. When a company invests in its workplace brand, it is three times more likely to hire a good employee. Still, it’s a complicated process that involves things like making sure candidates have a good time and spreading your company’s culture on social media. It’s a continuous group effort that needs you to do things outside of your normal job and get your coworkers on board.

Tip: Always respond to online reviews, both good and bad, in a polite way. Give your colleagues the tools (like blogs and videos) they need to talk about their work and what they like. And most importantly, be a good boss, and it will show.

5. Creating an efficient recruiting process

Hiring teams need to be able to communicate efficiently, instantly evaluate candidates, and always know what’s going on. Recruiters are in charge of making sure everyone is talking to each other, which isn’t always easy. Even more so if the relationship between recruiters and hiring bosses is tense. Also, administrative chores like setting up interviews can take up a lot of time that recruiters could have used to organize the hiring process and make sure candidates have a good experience.

Tip: Invest in an ATS to help your team work together and see at a look where the hiring process is at. With this method, your team will be able to give ratings and see what each other has to say. And built-in email templates, calendar integrations, and other features will make some administrative work easier.

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