X (Twitter) Launched an Ad Revenue Program: Malaysia is Included Under 3 Conditions

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Twitter (now known as X) has announced an advertising revenue sharing program (Ads Revenue Sharing) for their platform. It means X users, including you, who meet specific criteria, can generate income through the platform, as you see users generate income through YouTube, TikTok, and so on.

The exciting thing about this announcement is that the Malaysian market is one of the countries listed in the market that this program has, along with neighboring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

X (Twitter) Launched an Ad Revenue Program: Malaysia is Included Under 3 Conditions

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Touching on the criteria to start generating income, Twitter/X lists the following three things for an account to join the program:

  • The account must be subscribed to Twitter Blue or placed under Verified Organization.
  • Collected at least 15 million impressions through tasting in the last 3 months.
  • Have at least 500 followers.

The minimum withdrawal limit is USD50 (RM227), and payments are made using the Stripe platform. Therefore, users must create a Stripe account for X to credit their earnings.

Here are some important Twitter/X links you need to know:

This is a good program for content creators who post a lot of content on this platform. Even if not, you can change content on other platforms to upload to X.

However, undoubtedly many will complain because Twitter Blue needs to be subscribed to start generating. Twitter Blue is offered in Malaysia for RM50/month. If you want even cheaper, an annual subscription through the website costs RM369 or RM519 if done through an online platform (Android, iOS).

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