Hiring in a Tight Job Market: 5 Steps

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Anyone who has worked in recruitment knows how it is hard to find people to hire. In a tight job market, there aren’t many people looking for work, and there’s a lot of competition to hire them. Many companies would like it better if many qualified people were looking for jobs. But with the right plans, you can find the right people even in the tight market.

When there are a lot of jobs but not enough people to fill them, you have to put in a little more work. But how do you find real talent in a crowd and get in touch with them quickly before your competitors do? 

Here are 5 things to do when hiring during a tight job market:

The Malaysian economy goes through cycles all the time. In the last 10 years, the Great Recession caused a lot of trouble. Then, unemployment dropped to a level that hadn’t been seen in almost 50 years but went up again because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the job market cycles, it’s hard to know when it will turn. So, it’s essential to have plans ready to go so you’re prepared for any job market.

Tight Job Market

1. Get the job description right

During a tight job market, people can pick and choose the available job vacancies. You have a better chance of finding the right person for the job, if you are more open and honest in your work description. But you also want your job description to stand out from the others. Think about putting more effort into unique chances and training and benefits and perks that make your job stand out from the rest.

In addition to solving the “what” questions, your job description should help a candidate understand the “why.” As you would with a client or customer, put yourself in their place and tell them why they should work for your company.

2. Get the word out about your employer’s brand

It’s important to ensure candidates understand your workplace brand and why your company is a great place to work during a tight job market. Ask recruiters and hiring managers to talk about your company’s culture, professional development programs, employee resource groups, principles, commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and your benefits and perks.

You can also promote your employer brand by putting employee testimonials on your job page and social media. Create an employee referral program to get people to share job ads with their networks.

3. Get used to technology

Technology can help you find the best people to hire. You should use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to make screening applicants easier. You’ll get to them first if you can find the right job seekers faster and better than your competitors.

4. Use videos

In the age of Instagram, videos can spread quickly on social media and other places. So use film to make your recruiting more interesting. Suppose you show people more about your company. In that case, you make their decision-making process clearer, and it’s easier for them to choose. Video job talks are another way to speed up the interview process.

5. Don’t forget to help your employees grow

Most of the time, looking for new hires means going out into the world. In a tight job market, you don’t want to forget about your current workers. After all, if there are many jobs, they could look elsewhere.

Keeping them on board and happy can be a big part of getting new people to join through word of mouth. After all, your employees are the ones who talk about your business. They talk about your company everywhere they go and tell people what it’s like to work there.

You want them to say good things about your company, and deeds speak louder than words in this case. There are many ways to keep your employees happy and talk about you to others. For example, you could give regular pay raises to people doing a good job or provide them with health benefits.

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