How to Cope After a Layoff During the MCO Period

How to Cope After a Layoff During the MCO Period

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So have you been laid off due to the recent job shakeout caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic? No matter how you feel right now whether it’s angry, scared or feeling relieved, here are several essential ways to cope after a layoff during these struggling times.


Maintain Supportive Relationships

If you are struggling to cope after a layoff, take the time to talk with your family and friends so that they are aware of what is going on with your current situation. If they are opening their arms to help and support you, accepting them will help you a lot. Try not to keep things to yourself as it will lead to stressful situations. Having support and empathy from your loved ones can be very helpful, especially in the times of the MCO period.


Take care of your physical and mental health

With all the time you have during the lockdown period, this is a great time to exercise to help alleviate stress. Managing your eating and sleeping habits is essential as well to keep yourself functioning as well as possible.


Nurture yourself

Pick up on activities that make your day more productive. It’s also one of the best times to be compassionate with yourself and to reduce stress. Activities such as exercise, taking a warm bath, meditating, praying, listening to music or any activities that can greatly help you feel relaxed.



Start writing down

Grab a notebook and write down your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Writing can be a great way to vent out all your negative doubts as well as addressing all the issues that you are still struggling with. Journaling is another way to help clear your mind to help you keep things on track such as daily activities, or even creating a list that you need to tend to.


Maintain a positive mental attitude

Stay conscious of the thoughts that go through your mind. If you realise that you are having self-critical thoughts, especially if it’s negative. It’s important to tell yourself to stop thinking in that manner. Remind yourself to maintain a helpful outlook and visualise what you want instead of worrying about what you fear.


Manage your expectations

After a layoff, just treat it as a transition towards a better career opportunity by setting ambitious yet achievable goals. Treat it as your short and long term goals. This helps to promote productivity for yourself as you work towards improving your career while unemployed.


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