2020 Hiring Survey Results: COVID-19 Responses

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia– June 10, 2020 – The Movement Control Order(MCO) has been extended until 31st August 2020 and it has begun entering the recovery phase which is now called the Recovery Movement Control Order(RMCO). Our team at Jobstore has been focused on understanding and observing the effects COVID-19 is having on hiring. To do so, we have reached out to employers and employees to find out how hiring across Malaysia is being affected by COVID-19 and how they’re responding to the situation.

How COVID-19 affected the hiring plan after the MCO

What we have discovered in our latest survey, was 56% of our 6,682 respondents indicated that they are planning to hire within 3 months after the Movement Control Order(MCO). There is also 20% of the respondents who are planning to hire but only after 3 months after the MCO. Also, 22% of employers, unfortunately, are not planning to hire. The remaining 2% have not decided on their next hiring plan.

What are the hiring plans from companies?

Despite some businesses are slashing headcount, many are still staying to their hiring plans or even stepping up their recruitment. This is indicated by 76% of responding organizations who are considering hiring new employees within 6 months by post-MCO.

Most active industries on hiring after the MCO

We’ve also been tabulating our data to identify which industry is the most active on hiring after the MCO. Here are 5 businesses and industries that are the most active in hiring.

1. Headhunting & recruitment

For headhunters and recruitment firms, many Malaysians are losing their jobs which is a sign that there will be a huge increase in the number of people searching for jobs.

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2. Logistics & transportation

With more consumers relying on online shopping during the MCO period, many logistic companies will be managing the constant increase in shipping orders. While food and grocery delivery services will continue to increase in demand even after the MCO. 

Logistic and Transportation - Artesis

3. E-commerce & online shopping

During the MCO period, many people are spending much of their time indoors and on the internet, not just for work but leisure as well. Online ordering systems and online shopping websites experience an increased volume of people utilizing buying channels to purchase items. To expand the capacity of their online ordering systems and troubleshooting, tech specialists will be in high demand to manage the digital shopping channels.

The Difference Between E-Commerce and Online Shopping | by Candice V  Cunningham | Medium

4. Software & IT industry

With the increase in remote work, more people than ever require support from digital services such as social media, mobile apps, video conferencing, websites and various digital work channels. To operate seamlessly, the system will require the skills and expertise from developers and various IT professionals as the volume usage surge.

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5. Healthcare, medical & hospitals

Health is a priority now more than ever, and with the influx in health as a priority has sent healthcare into a new wave of needed support. Doctors, nurses and hospital support staff are already overwhelmed by the patients admitted to hospitals during the pandemic. The huge influx means there will be an increase in the number of administrative tasks such as managing patients, updating records and coordinating with insurance companies as well.

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What are the most in-demand jobs after the MCO

Based on the most active industries on hiring after the MCO we have managed to compile the 10 most in-demand jobs in the coming months, just as the country reopens its economy. These include: 

While every industry has its challenges in Malaysia’s economic recovery after the MCO period. The staff size and output will see a significant reduction. The recovery will be gradual, which starts with a single shift before moving to full business capacity. The focus of many industries in Malaysia will be workplace health and safety ranging from conducting temperature checks and requiring personal facemasks to be worn at all times by employees. For more insights about the hiring survey results, download our FREE report Jobstore’s Post COVID-19 Hiring Survey Report.”

What do you think about the hiring outcome after the MCO period ends? Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below. Follow us for more daily career insights and new hirings to land your dream job. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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