How to Create a Work-From-Home Schedule During COVID-19

How to Create a Work-From-Home Schedule During COVID-19

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With the lockdown in place, many of us are still required to work from home. As governments have placed orders for businesses to close and people to practice self-quarantine, there are many growing concerns that businesses will be heavily affected by it. Adopting effective work-from-home practices, in turn, can reassure your boss that you are capable of delivering results is a great way to showcase that work-from-home is viable, especially during difficult times.


Pick a organisational tool

Start your first step by choosing an organisational system that fits your job. It doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it helps you to stay organised while managing your time effectively. They are great for sorting out your responsibilities as well, such as your to-do lists, mind maps, calendars and document storage clouds. 


The software is developed to allow you to visualise and effortlessly track all your work. The layout is aesthetically pleasing and intuitively understandable card-based form. You add or edit notes, files and highlights. Work progress can be tracked down when you relocate from one block to another. 


2.Google Docs

A great tool for sharing documents across multiple people. You can opt for the document to either be public or private and allow users to edit it. The best feature of Google Docs is that it allows multiple users to simultaneously edit the document, which is great for collaborative work.



An online graphic design suite for designers and non-designers to use. This tool boasts an extensive collection of templates from posters, business cards and banners. If you are looking for an organisational chart maker, Canva can help with creating an organisation structure while being consistent with the company’s brand identity.


Establish your goals

The main pillar towards building a work-from-home schedule is that you must clarify and understand your goals. Determine what is the main goal that you must achieve whether it’s monthly, weekly or daily basis. Without any goals set in mind, you won’t know what you need to accomplish, and you would most likely end up wasting your time finding things to do aimlessly. With a well-defined path, you can help yourself organise your work schedule to ensure you can properly manage your working and personal time during your work-from-home period.


Allow flexibility in your work schedule

It is essential to set your work schedule while allowing a little flexibility as part of your routine. Especially for those who have to look after their kids at home or the necessity to run errands during the day. There are two different approaches that you can take, either you give yourself a lead time on any work so you won’t have any trouble taking off for personal matters or you can give yourself an hour or two for personal time in between your work schedule.


Utilise a time-tracking app

Having a proper time-tracking app can be useful if you want to set up a work-from-home schedule. Tracking your time can be useful in determining if you are actually working efficiently or not. To reliably keep track of your work hours, you can try out or

Delegate time for exercise routines

Having a 30-minute workout routine is essential in your daily schedule, spending a prolonged period of time working at home daily will have a diminishing effect on your physical health. Fallen ill is the worst thing you want to deal with. Adding a physical workout routine can also help break the monotony of work and most importantly staying healthy at all times.


Make full use of your time when you’re at your most productive

Attempting to work from morning till evening is ill-advised. It’s best to capitalise on your most productive periods by prioritising on more important tasks. Use your slower points of the day by focusing on minor tasks instead. 

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